News Media (National)

Daily Mirror: Laura Armstrong (@laurashowbiz) has been appointed as Assistant Showbiz Editor. Ariane Sohrabi-Shiraz (@arianesohrabi) has been promoted from lifestyle writer to Senior Lifestyle Writer. Emmeline Saunders (@emm_saunders) joins as Print Features Writer.

News Media (Regional)

The Hounslow Herald: Louis Yamani has been promoted to Chief Sports Editor.

Business & Commerce

Benefits Expert: a new publication launched by Definite Article Media, aimed at HR professionals and edited by Kavitha Sivasubramaniam.

Consumer Lifestyle

Foodism/Escapism: Molly Codyre (@mollycodyre), formerly staff writer, has been appointed as Associate Editor across both titles.

HuffPost UK: Shivani Dubey (@heyitsshivi) has been appointed as Freelance Lifestyle Writer covering entertainment, lifestyle and pop culture.

Energy, Environment & Natural Resources

Utility Week: Rob Horgan (@robbiehorgs) joins the publication as News Editor.

Travel, Transport & Logistics

TRBusiness: Faye Bartle (@fayerowe) has been promoted from executive editor to Managing Editor (Digital & Marketing).