News Media (National)

Guardian, The: Nadia Khomami (@nadiakhomami) has been promoted to Arts & Culture Correspondent.

Sunday Times Travel Desk: Liz Edwards (@lizjedwards) has been named Acting Deputy Travel Editor.

Telegraph, The: Patrick Mulholland (@pomulholland) has been named Senior Business Reporter.

News Media (Regional)

Birmingham Live: Naomi De Souza (@naomi_desouza) has been named Senior Reporter (Solihull).

Bristol Live: Sophie Grubb (@Sophie_Grubb) has been promoted to Content Editor.

Evening Standard: Jochan Embley (@jochanembley) has been promoted to Culture Commissioning Editor.

Consumer Lifestyle

Drapers: Emma Finamore (@finamoray) has been named Features Editor.

popsugar.co.uk: Joely Chilcott (@JoelyChilcott) has been appointed Content Director.

Professional Beauty: Amanda Pauley (@mini_pauley) has been named Features Editor.

Technology & Telecoms

E&T Magazine: Beatriz Valero de Urquía (@beatrizvalero_) has been appointed News Reporter.

Stack World: Louisa Davies (@LouisaD__) has been appointed Social and Brand Manager.

What’s The Best?: Sophie Knight (@sophieknight01) has been named Group Commercial Content Editor.