News Media (National)

Fabulous: Catherine Bennion-Pedley (@CBPmusings) has returned from leave.

Telegraph, The: Claire Hubble (@byclairehubble) has been appointed Deputy Head of Social Media.

News Media (Regional)

Evening Standard: Lydia Chantler-Hicks (@lydiachES) has been named News Reporter.

Herald, The: Gregor Kyle (@greg0rkyle) has been appointed Head of Digital.

NationalWorld: Natalie Dixon (@nataliedixon35) has been named Digital Content Curator.

Salisbury Journal: Kimberley Barber (@kimberleybarber) has been appointed Regional Editor.

Consumer Lifestyle

Glamour: Ben Neale (@Ben__Neale) has been appointed Senior Creative.

Good Housekeeping: Bryony Gooch (@BryyKG) has been named Features Intern.

Perfect Magazine, The: Bryan Yambao (@bryanboy) has been appointed Editor.

Sports & Leisure

New Musical Express: Jordan Bassett (@jordandbassett) has left to freelance.