News Media (National)

Financial Times: Alexis Akwagyiram (@alexisak) has been named Digital Editor.

Times, The: Jessica Newman (@jesssnewman) has been appointed Market Reporter.

Sun, The: Lisa Minot (@lisaminot) has been named Head of Travel.

News Media (Regional)

Chad (Mansfield): Jon Ball (@jon_ball33) has been named Editor. Andy Done-Johnson (@andydonejohnson) has been appointed Deputy Editor.

Metro.co.uk: Charlotte Manning (@xylottie) has been named Television Reporter.

Business & Commerce

Business Insider: Armani Syed (@armani_sy) has been appointed Junior Lifestyle Reporter.

Consumer Lifestyle

Cheshire Life: Jade Wright (@jadewright) has been named Features Writer.

Cosmopolitan: Orla Badger (@cosmopolitanuk) has been named Beauty & Grooming Tester across Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health.

Freelancer: Annmarie O’Connor (@aocdotme) is available for commissions. She covers fashion, lifestyle and women’s interest.

Phoenix: Giada Tortorelli (@phoenixmaguk) has been named Editorial Assistant.

Popsugar.co.uk: Tori Crowther (@torblor) has been promoted to Editor.

Politics, Government & Education

Newsweek: Jack Beresford (@jackberesford86) has been named Senior Internet & Culture Reporter.

Sports & Leisure

Tom’s Guide: Jane McGuire (@janemcguireuk) has been appointed Fitness Editor.