Twitter vs. print media during the Great East Japan Earthquake

by | Jul 24, 2011

MediaMiser report analyzes how the two mediums interact during a major crisis

OTTAWA – When, in early March, a 9.0-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Japan with now-infamous ferocity, it caused more than widespread damage and devastation with its resulting tsunami and ongoing nuclear crisis.

It also ignited a firestorm of social and traditional media coverage both in print and on Twitter.

Naturally, we at MediaMiser, a leading social and traditional media monitoring and analysis firm, wondered about the nature of that coverage. How did Twitter and print media interact during those tense days and weeks after the quake? Did one influence the other? And if so, how?

MediaMiser’s Media Research Group answers those questions and more in the company’s most recent report, entitled How print media and Twitter interact during a major crisis.

“We found that Twitter and print media actually have a very complimentary relationship,” said MediaMiser director of media intelligence Michael Sloboda. “Twitter spurs coverage while print sustains it. And while print takes a little longer to reach its coverage peak, it has a greater sustainability and momentum.”

To download your copy of the report, please visit MediaMiser at agilitypr.wpengine.com.

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