Top 10 U.S. Social Media Influencers in Politics

Using our extensive media database, we compiled a list of the top 10 social media influencers throughout the United States and operating in the Politics space. Our solution makes it easy to find — and connect with — the influencers that matter to you.

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*Data as October, 2019

1. Joy Reid


Bio:“Ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.” – James Baldwin #AMJoy #reiders

Location: NYC

Followers: 1.49M

2. Matt Drudge


Bio: The DRUDGE REPORT is a U.S. based news aggregation website run by Matt Drudge(@DRUDGE).

Location: US

Followers: 1.38M

3. Ana Marie Cox


Bio: No one ever made the world better by being perfect. {She/her | outright mental defective | Dog: Exley, Cats: Luke and Leia} Cleaner than I used to be.

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Followers: 1.2M

4. Wayne Dupree


Bio: 2018 Pioneer Of New Media; 2017 Newsmax Top 50 Influential Black Repub, 2015 Blogger/Yr; 2014 Podcast/Yr, Political Commentator – 📧

Location: USAF Desert Storm/Shield Vet

Followers: 381k

5. Pamela Geller


Bio: Editor-in-chief, Geller Report, bestselling author, slayer of dragons, Facebook follow:

Followers: 200k

6. Jim Hoft


Bio: Writer- Speaker- Where Hope Made a Comeback – Top Choice of the American Truth Seeker

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Followers:  191k

7. Markos Moulitsas


Bio: Founder of Daily Kos, Co-founder Vox Media. Author of The Resistance Handbook: 45 Ways to Fight Trump

Location: Berkeley, California

Followers: 177k

8. Jeff Jarvis


Bio:@BuzzMachine; prof @ Craig Newmark J-school; books: Public Parts, What Would Google Do?, Gutenberg the Geek. This Week in Google. Views are mine & no one else’s

Location: New York, NY

Followers: 170k

9. Crooks and Liars


Bio: Watching the media since 2004! Follow the entire C&L staff at!/Karoli/crooks-and-liars/members …

Location: U.S.A.

Followers:  89k

10. Mickey Kaus


Bio: The End of Equality [1992, Basic Books] “The venerable liberal crusade for income equality is doomed. … Time [to] try a different strategy.”

Followers: 40k


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