Top 10 U.K. Social Media Influencers in Finance

Using our extensive media database, we compiled a list of the top 10 social media influencers throughout the United Kingdom operating in the Finance space. Our solution makes it easy to find — and connect with — the influencers that matter to you.

Create custom media lists that are automatically updated, send multimedia emails, and track who opened emails and where they clicked, all right from the platform itself. And our module, Influencer Streams, shows you exactly what influencers are talking about on social media, so you can personalize pitches and amplify your message.

*Data as Oct 2019

1. Martin Lewis


Bio: Founder @moneysavingexp, @mmhpi &(ish) @itvmlshow. Tips, polls, puns, athletics & MCFC musings. Mrs MSE’s husband, Sapphire’s daddy. My hero? Young Sheldon

Location: MSE Towers, London

Followers: 645k

2. Paul Lewis


Bio: Financial journalist, broadcaster & public speaker. Wilkie Collins expert too. Unregulated, unlicensed, and unequivocally for free speech and a free press.

Location: UK. Usually in London.

Followers: 119k

3. Ian Fraser


Bio: Journalist. Author of Shredded: Inside RBS ‘Read it & weep’ @martinwolf_ ‘Zola-esque’ @Bill_Jamieson ‘A masterpiece’ @UniMainz_Angl_P

Location: U.K.

Followers: 27.1k

4. Ian Cowie


Bio: Sunday Times and Citywire columnist. #StockMarket #Investment . Difficult and dull stuff made easier and more interesting.

Location: London

Followers: 16.8k

5. Jeff Prestridge


Bio: Campaigning money journalist, runner, lover of film & theatre. Baggies, Cobblers & Blades fan. Supporter of Brathay Trust. Run Closeup Culture with son James.

Location: london/docklands/hawthorns

Followers: 15.7k

6. Simon Read


Bio: Ex-candy floss maker: writer/broadcaster. BBC, Standard, Mirror, The Sun, Moneywise, Financial Adviser, blogs, speeches, media training

Location: London, England

Followers: 14.7k

7. Jasmine Birtles


Bio: Financial & fintech expert, TV presenter, speaker, best-selling author 38 books, humourist,. Founder @MoneyMagpie. Agent:

Followers: 14k

8. Claer Barrett


Bio: Personal Finance Editor at the Financial Times @FT and editor of @ftmoney. Catch me 5.30pm daily on @LBC with @Eddiemair *My views*

Location: EC4 and Hackney, London

Followers: 12.9k

9. Hilary Osborne


Bio: Guardian reporter; Akela. Come for the news, stay for the knots. DMs open or contact me at

Location: that London

Followers: 10.9k

10. Tara Evans


Bio: Digital Consumer Editor @TheSun. ✉️

Location: Limehouse

Followers: 10.9k


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