Top 10 U.S. Social Media Influencers in Finance

Using our extensive media database, we compiled a list of the top 10 social media influencers throughout the United States operating in the Finance space. Our solution makes it easy to find — and connect with — the influencers that matter to you.

Create custom media lists that are automatically updated, send multimedia emails, and track who opened emails and where they clicked, all right from the platform itself. And our module, Influencer Streams, shows you exactly what influencers are talking about on social media, so you can personalize pitches and amplify your message.

*Data as of July 2022

1. Dave Ramsey


Bio: Author of seven national best sellers. Host of @RamseyShow Follow my team @RachelCruze @ChristyBWright @KenColeman @AnthonyOneal @JohnDelony

Location: Nashville, TN

Followers: 948K

2. Barry Ritholtz


Bio: Welcome to the Dopamine factory! Chair/CIO of RWM ritholtzwealth.com Masters-in-Business podcast/radio host Director of Twitter Cognitive Dissonance

Location: NYC

Followers: 202K

Jim Marous

3. Jim Marous


Bio: Speaker, Publisher & Podcast Host, #banking #fintech #finserv | Co-Publisher, The Financial Brand | Owner, Digital Banking Report | Banking Transformed Podcast

Location: Cleveland, OH

Followers: 95K

Michael Fisher

4. Michael Fisher


Bio: Analyst, Tech Evangelist, #CyberSecurity, #DigitalTransformation, #IoT, #Fintech, #DataScience, #5G & #VR Influencer: @DZoneInc@Onalytica. 100% Geek.

Location: Connecticut, USA

Followers: 92K

Jeff Goins

5. Jeff Goins


Bio: I played in a band you’ve never heard of (we were huge in Taiwan that month), wrote some books you may have heard of, and love Chantel. I’m still here.

Location: Nashville, TN

Followers: 83K

6. Brett King 


Bio: Bestselling Author Bank4dot0.com, Founder Moven, Speaker | Futurist | Host #1 Fintech Show BreakingBanks.com | Fintech Hall of Fame | Married to @missmetaverse

Location: Citizen of the World

Followers: 70K

7. Bradley Leimer


Bio: Author of Beyond Good amzn.to/3raXSqH Co-Founder @UnconventionVC Co-Host #OneVision Pod podpage.com/one-vision/ #makebankingbetter

Location: San Francisco, CA

Followers: 61K

8. Sebastien Meunier


Bio: #Innovation #CyberSecurity #Privacy #Technology in Finance | Real world no-hype perspective | Slayer of fake news in #Fintech and beyond

Location: New York, USA

Followers: 53K

9. David M. Brear


Bio: Always falling forwards. CEO at the multi award winning @11FS changing the fabric of financial services | A host on @FinTechInsiders | @NorwichCityFC Fan.

Location: London, England

Followers: 47K

10. Grant Baldwin


Bio: Husband. Daddy. Entrepreneur. Speaker. Podcaster. Author. Ice Cream Lover. I’ll show you how to find & book speaking gigs. Join our FREE training! ⬇️⬇️

Location: Nashville, TN

Followers: 26K


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