Top 10 U.K. Journalists in Energy & Environment

Using our extensive media database, we compiled a list of the top 10 United Kingdom journalists in the Energy & Environment space. Our solution makes it easy to find — and connect with — the influencers that matter to you.

Create custom media lists that are automatically updated, send multimedia emails, and track who opened emails and where they clicked, all right from the platform itself. Using our module, Influencer Streams, shows you exactly what influencers are talking about on social media, so you can personalize pitches and amplify your message.

*Data as of July 2022

1. Damian Carrington


Bio: I’m Environment Editor at the Guardian – DMs open

Location: London

Followers: 69K

2. Jonathan Amos


Bio: BBC Science Correspondent.

Location: Cambridge, UK

Followers: 52K

3. James Murray


Bio: Editor of @Incisive BusinessGreen.com – tweeting in a personal capacity, check out @BusinessGreen for the official feed.

Location: London

Followers: 50K

4. Adam Vaughan


Bio: Chief reporter, @newscientist. DMs are open. Email: adam.vaughan@newscientist.com.

Location: London and Lewes, UK

Followers: 46K

5. Matt McGrath


Bio: Environment correspondent for BBC News – covering all the green issues, interested in scicomm but also rugby, GAA, Munster & Ireland

Location: London, England

Followers: 38K

6. David Sheppard


Bio: Financial Times Energy Editor. Oil. Environment. Middle East. Trading. Hearts. Ex-Reuters.

Location: London

Followers: 37K

7. John Vidal


Bio: John Vidal is a journalist. He was for many years the Guardian’s environment editor

Location: London, Wales, wherever

Followers: 31K

8. Fiona Harvey


Bio: Writing about the environment full-time since 2004. Seen a lot of environment since then. All tweeting is personal. In the Woman’s Hour Power List 2020.

Followers: 31K

9. Emily Gosden


Bio: Energy editor for The Times. Writing about power, oil & gas, mining and more. DMs open for tips. PR pitches to emily.gosden@thetimes.co.uk

Followers: 22K

10. Akshat Rathi


Bio: – Senior reporter, Bloomberg News (@climate)
– Writing a book on scaling climate solutions
– Newsletter http://bit.ly/bbg-net-zero

Followers: 30K


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