Top 10 U.K. Journalists in Finance

Using our extensive media database, we compiled a list of the top 10 United Kingdom journalists in the Finance space. Our solution makes it easy to find — and connect with — the influencers that matter to you.

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*Data as January, 2021

1. Faisal Islam


Bio: Economics Editor, BBC. Fin crisis book @theDefaultLine.. Brexitologist. Host award-winning 2016 EUref TV interviews & 2017 live GE debate. United ST.

Location: London(head) Manchester(heart)

Followers: 369K

2. Chris Giles


Bio: Economics Editor, FT

Followers: 152K

3. Paul Lewis


Bio: Financial journalist broadcaster speaker. Seek truth find truth tell truth. Unequivocally for free speech & press. Wilkie Collins expert. Like = file not agree

Location: UK. Usually in London.

Followers: 138K

4. Ed Conway


Bio: Numbers guy. Likes charts. Occasionally spotted on @SkyNews & @TheTimes . Books: DMs open. Email:

Location: Deep in a spreadsheet

Followers: 133K

5. Stephanie Flanders


Bio: I am a Senior Executive Editor at Bloomberg and head of Bloomberg Economics, but my views are my own.

Followers: 126K

6. Roula Khalaf


Bio: Editor of the Financial Times, fan of impossible Middle East political drama, mother of two fabulous boys.

Location: London

Followers: 48K

7. Jeremy Warner


Bio: Associate Editor, The Daily Telegraph; columnist on the international and UK economies, finance, and business

Location: London

Followers: 40K

8. Zanny Minto Beddoes


Bio: Editor, The Economist

Followers: 38K

9. David Smith


Bio: David Smith is economics editor of The Sunday Times. His website is His latest book is Something Will Turn Up.

Location: London

Followers: 36K

10. Merryn Somerset Webb


Bio: Editor in chief of @Moneyweek Columnist for @FT Opinions personal.

Followers: 33K


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