What’s New in Agility?

March 2023 – Multi-language capabilities added to PR CoPilot, and super-quick media list building within Agility Monitoring

Further to Agility’s groundbreaking release of PR CoPilot in January, we have now added the ability to generate press releases in 13 languages. We have also made it possible to create a targeted list of media contacts from your monitoring results in a matter of seconds. Find out more.

January 2023 – Launch of PR CoPilot, Agility’s groundbreaking AI-powered writing assistant, and Social Links in email distribution

Agility’s first deployment of 2023 saw us launch what is believed to be the first AI writing assistant built into a fully integrated PR platform. We also added the option to add a Social Links component to email distributions. Find out more.

December 2022 – Automatically track your journalist interactions, fine-tune Monitoring Reports and Briefings, Adapt to Apple Mail Privacy Protection

Agility has added a range of new targeting, distribution and monitoring feaures to the platform this month. Find out more.

November 2022 – Further integration of Agility’s media targeting, monitoring and social listening modules

Agility’s November deployment has further developed the ability for Agility’s media targeting and monitoring functions to show up within each other’s workflows. Find out more.

October 2022 – New Social Listening, Monitoring & Reporting Tools

October’s Agility deployment has introduced an exciting selection of improvements to our existing capabilities across the media outreach and montioring modules, as well as launching some brand new capabilities. Find out more.

September 2022 – Enhancements across Social Listening, Media Monitoring, Reporting and Targeting

Agility has added to Social Listening, and introduced keyword highlighting in media briefings, AVE in global currencies, customizable email footers and flexible click and open tracking. Find out more.

August 2022 – Social Listening, a brand new social media monitoring and analysis platform

Agility has built and launched a brand new social media listening and analytics platform, seamlessly integrated with our media distribution and monitoring. Find out more.

May 2022 – Enhanced Monitoring Reporting and Metrics

This month we have added the ability to report on domain authority, apply enhanced filters to your media mentions, work on media coverage within reporting and more. Read on.

April 2022 – Domain Authority and More!

For April, we have introduced Moz Domain Authority scores to applicable mentions in our Monitor module. Also new this month are even more user preferences and an improved report sharing workflow. Read more.

March 2022 – Improve your Email Targeting and Monitoring Reporting

This month we have made improvements to email distribution formatting and targeting, made monitoring reports more informative, and added to the range of user preferences that make Agility even easier to use. Read more.

February 2022 – Agility’s unique ability to display prominence within media monitoring

Through Prominence scoring within Agility, PR teams can now consistently measure the value of their media coverage based on their own goals and objectives. This means saying goodbye to static legacy metrics and hello to more meaningful analytics. Read more.

January 2022 – Enhancements to media search options, email distribution and monitoring

Agility has introduced enhancements to our media profiles, search options, influencer list building and email distribution. We have also introduced two new charts to our Google Analytics integration. Read more.

December 2021 – Online Boost for press releases, influencer list building and email building enhancements

Agility has widened the availability of our Online Boost service, improved list-building within Influencer Streams and enhanced email distribution building. Read more.

November 2021 – Agility Outreach: Online Boost for press releases and further enhancements to contact searches

Supplementing Agility’s email and newswire distribution services, we can now offer an ‘Online Boost’ to your content. Read more.

November 2021 – Agility Monitoring: Integrate Google Analytics with Agility Reporting

You can now integrate Google Analytics with your PR measurement data in Agility Reporting, to help you see when your media coverage drives visitors to your website. Read more.

October 2021 – Agility Outreach: Further enhancements to contact searches, distribution and more

Each month we will update you on the best new features available to Agility users. Read more.

October 2021 – Agility Monitoring: Adding media profiles to monitoring mentions, and additional search and briefing options

In monitoring this month, users will now see contacts’ media profiles directly within the monitor module. Read more.

September 2021 – The next generation of Agility Outreach has arrived

Agility has this month launched a brand new version of Agility Outreach. Read more.

July 2021 – Updates to monitoring coverage and reporting options

Agility now allows you to search further back for media coverage and further customize your reporting. Read more.

June 2021 – New RSS feed for sharing coverage

You can now share your Agility monitoring briefings and results through an RSS feed. Read more.

May 2021 – Interactive and shareable reporting

Agility now has interactive and shareable reports available in all monitoring accounts. Read more.

April 2021 – Podcast monitoring is here

Agility now has the option to monitor podcasts alongside online news, broadcast, social, and print media content. We have also made several recent UX improvements. Read more.

November 2020 – More Updates to Briefings

This month, we made great improvements to media briefings by making them more customizable, both in layout and content sourcing.  Read more.

October 2020 – Updates to Reports and Briefings

In October, we have released new features in two major parts of our monitoring platform.  You can now view mentions associated with your reports, and you can now customize fonts in your briefings.  Read more.

September 2020 – Briefing templates

Agility has introduced the ability to save and use templates for your monitoring briefings, and we will be building on this feature in the coming weeks.  Read more.

July 2020 – Proximity Searches and Custom Archiving of Mentions

This month, we’re excited to announce the release of two significant Monitoring features: an operator for proximity searches and the ability to archive broadcast mentions in Monitoring.  Read more.

June 2020 – Tags and Enhancements to Monitoring

For June, we have introduced even more features to improve your monitoring efforts!  Improvements have been made to the appearance of mentions and briefings, and we’re proud to introduce you to monitoring tags.  Read more.

May 2020 – Further Improvements to Monitoring

This month, we added state level breakdowns to the map chart in Reports, modernized the broadcast (video/audio) player, among many other enhancements to our Monitoring platform.  Read more.

April 2020 – Simplified Social Searching, Boolean Search Strings and More!

Expert Mode is now available, which allows for Boolean search strings in Monitoring, we improved our database, and we added some other features we know you’ll love.  Read more.

March 2020 – Updates to Social Monitoring and Briefings

This month, among other improvements to social monitoring and briefings, we added Reddit as a content source for Monitoring! Read more.

February 2020 – Further Improvements to Briefings and Filters

Released this month was a major improvement to the customization of briefings, as well as improvements to filters in Monitoring. Read more.

January 2020 – Improving Briefings and Collaboration

To kick of 2020, we made briefings a little more customizable and made the Newsroom and Newswire more collaborative. Read more.

December 2019 – Further Improvements to Monitoring

To finish off the year, we updated how Agility displays social media mentions, added a Subscription Dashboard and improved a popular report component. Read more.

November 2019 – Updated Dashboards

Your home page in Agility, the dashboards, have been updated to be more visually appealing, but also easier to read and understand. Read more.

October 2019 – Advancing Agility’s New Monitoring

Several improvements have been implemented this month to make Agility’s new monitoring even better. Read more.

September 2019 – All-New Agility Monitoring

Media monitoring has long been a staple of Agility’s tools and services, and now we have made a major upgrade to the tools available to our clients. Read more.

August 2019 – Recent Coverage and New Wire Circuits

Agility is now able to display up to the 20 most recent articles that a journalist has published within their profile.  We also added Canada and North America as circuits for wires sent through our platform. Read more.

June 2019 – Updates to Contact and Outlet Profiles

Agility’s Contact and Outlet Profiles have a new look which makes reviewing contacts and list building even easier. Read more.

March 2019 – Updates to Newsroom and Distribution

This month, we made improvements to our Newsroom and Distribution tools.  These improvements will help you to get your story and/or message out to the world in a more readable and consumable format. Read more.

February 2019 – Emails on Mobile Devices and More

Changes made to our Distribution tool and process this month will go a long way to make your emails more readable when recipients open your email on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. Read more.

January 2019 – Enhancing the Newsroom

Building on the Newsroom feature recently released, you can now include a company logo and schedule your releases. Social media icons have also been added to the releases to encourage sharing. Read more.

December 2018 – Enhancing Newswire

Building on the Newswire feature recently released, you can now include multiple images and text blocks, as well as videos. This allows you to customize your release even more to get the most out of your Newswire. Read more.

November 2018 – Introducing Amplify

Amplify makes it easier for you to earn media coverage, a key goal for both agency professionals and PR practitioners. It also reflects our passion to consistently deliver more value for your investment and provide an all-in-one solution to meet your PR needs. Read more.

October 2018 – Agility’s Newsroom and More

Agility’s Newsroom will give you a place to host your release, a link to share your story through social media, and another way for people to hear your message!  In addition to that, updates have been made to the navigation and more improvements to Monitoring.  Read more.

September 2018 – New Subjects for Agility’s Database

This month, we’re happy to announce a number of new subjects in Agility’s database. This will make it easier to find even more relevant contacts for your releases! Read more.

August 2018 – Reporting of Audience Reach Over Time

When creating Topic Coverage Reports in Agility, you can now include “Audience Reach Over Time” as a metric. Read More.

July 2018 – Enhancements to Reporting and More

With this update, we made Influencer Streams a little more friendly, added a new metric to the Topic Coverage Reports, updated our Terms and Conditions in light of GDPR, and more!  Read more.

June 2018 – New Mail Merge Option

A small one, but a good one! You now have the option to include a prefix when using mail merge options in your distributions.  Read more.

May 2018 – Facebook Monitoring

Agility now offers Facebook as a source to your monitored topics! If you use Agility for monitoring, this functionality will allow you to see results from over 10 million news and industry influencer Facebook pages. Read more.

April 2018 – Instagram on Engage

Agility now offers Instagram as a source for content you see on your “Influencer Streams” on the Engage tab! This allows you to see Instagram posts of the journalists and influencers you choose to follow. Read more.

March 2018 – Wildcards in Monitoring

Wildcards can assist with several common monitoring scenarios that you may run into.  It will allow you to account for the possibility of alternate spelling of certain keywords in a given topic, especially to save on characters being used in the overall topic setup. Read more.

February 2018 – AI-powered Image Monitoring

We’ve gone beyond text-only monitoring with AI-powered image search capabilities, to match the increasing prominence of images within the news & give the full picture of coverage. Learn the ways users can take advantage of this first-of-its-kind feature. Read more.

January 2018 – Summary of Recent Features

We’re recapping some of the newest features and enhancements added to ensure our users get heaps of value from our tools and constantly evolve as communications. Get the details on our keyword targeting search, our new live support chat, and other exciting enhancements. Read more.

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