June 2020 – Tags and Enhancements to Monitoring

Tags, Auto-tagging and Tag Groups

It is easy to organise your saved mentions in folders, which can be used to create briefings and reports. Tags allow you to further categorise and label your saved coverage, and even allow you to connect mentions saved in different folders.

Tags can be applied to mentions as you save them or to already saved mentions.

For example, here we are monitoring all mentions of a local authority, “Three Rivers Council” and saving all content in a folder. When you first save the topic you are given the option to ‘auto’ tag any mentions that you save from this topic, so I am also tagging all mentions with “Three Rivers Council”.

I then tag all the mentions accordingly depending on the council activities they refer to (so I have tags for each Planning, Transport, Recycling, Schools, etc). In the screenshot below, the mention highlighted is tagged with Planning.

Tags in Topics

As well as providing the ability to organise monitoring reports by tag, this allows you to organise your briefings by tag too, by applying a tag to each briefing section.

Tags as Briefing Sections
By creating a Tag Group you open up the ability to organise and report on your mentions by folders, tags and/or several tags combined.

Manage Tags
I have combined all of my tags into one group, allowing me to report on all of them together as well as separately.

Share of voice per tag:

Tags - Share of Voice

Coverage trend for entire Tag Group:

Tags - Coverage Trend Chart


Compact and Expand Mention Features Added

Agility has made it even easier to tailor your view of your monitoring mentions. By using Compact Mode, you can increase the number of mentions visible at once by compacting the content included with each mention. For print content you can expand each mention to read the full article within the middle panel.

Compact Mode

Compact View


Customisable Notes and Summary Fields

Agility now allows users to make use of the Notes and Summaries attached to monitoring mentions in several ways, including adding them to briefings.

You can add a Summary and Notes to any saved mention by selecting it and clicking ‘Edit Mention’. In the example below, I have summarised the article content and specified the section which features the content I am monitoring. In the Notes I have added some supplementary information which will be useful to anyone reviewing the mention.

Notes and Summary

In the right-hand panel, the Notes get added to the Mention Information and the Summary is included beneath the Mention snippet.

RHP Summary

RHP Notes

In the example below, I have added my mention to a briefing and specified that I want the Summary and Notes included with the mention. The Summary replaces the lead paragraph while the Notes are shown underneath.

Briefing Summary and Notes


View a Preview of Briefing

You can now view a briefing within Agility prior to sending a briefing.  This allows you to check the formatting and ensure everything is set to your liking.  To make edits, simply close the preview and go back to Agility and make the desired changes.

Preview Button


Perhaps the most helpful part of this feature is the ability to save your briefings as PDFs!  To do this, when viewing the preview of your briefing, simply hit CTRL + P to print, then select the print destination “Save as PDF.”

Save as PDF


Send a Preview of Your Briefing by Email

You can also email yourself a preview of your briefing prior to sending.  To do this, simply use the “Send Preview” button found at the bottom of the briefing module:

Send Preview



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