June 2021 – New RSS Feed for Sharing Coverage

You can now share your Agility monitoring briefings and results through an RSS feed. This allows you to simplify the process for keeping your teams up to speed, in real-time, on your latest media coverage.

Whether you want to create a news feed that’s specific to a topic or department, to showcase your positive mentions, or to simply integrate your top stories of the day on your intranet, RSS feeds are a quick and easy way to achieve that.

Not only does an RSS feed make sharing information in a standardized format easy for you, your teams can access the most recent info they need, on demand – no more waiting for emails.

Options include:

  • Combining multiple reports into one RSS feed
  • Creating different RSS feeds for different departments or groups
  • Choosing a feed limit to control focus on the most recent items
  • Scheduling output to your RSS feed as recurring, so you can just set it and forget it
  • Integrating your RSS feed URL on your company intranet, a website, or wherever your top stories will provide value

The RSS option has been added to all Agility monitoring accounts now. If you have any questions, you know where to come: agilitysupport@agilitypr.com

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