November 2020 – More Updates to Briefings

Mention customization in briefings

Like other components of briefings, you can now also customize the format mention text itself!  This gives you the ability to completely customize your Agility briefings.  You can customize the briefing to a style you find more visually appealing, or apply a color scheme to be in line with your branding, or that of your client.

Each mention is broken up into three sections.  As seen on the screenshot below, these sections are the headline (1), metadata (2), and the snippet (3).

Mention customization in briefings

For each of these three sections, you can now choose the text font, point size, color, and more!  This customization is done on the right-hand panel of the screen when editing your briefings:

options to customize mentions in briefings


Brand new monitoring briefing templates

As promised in September, Agility has added to the selection of briefing templates available. We now have three options to get you started, each providing a different design, layout and setup, which you can consider depending on your presentation and content requirements.

You are also be able to create and save your own templates which will retain all the settings that you apply to customise your briefings – sections, layout, custom style, filters, metadata etc.

Copying past briefings remains an option if you need to re-use or tweak content and design, and the Quick Create option is still there to specify the sources, date range and section/mention organization for your briefing quickly.

briefing templates


Social content as a source for monitoring briefings and reports

Agility’s ability to monitor several social media platforms has been enhanced so that you can now apply the social media results directly to your briefings and reports, enabling you to share and report on social content as it is generated. Of course, you retain the ability to review, save and build your mentions into a carefully curated briefings and reports too.

To add social content to a briefing or report, simply select the Subscription that you have saved as the coverage/data source. Both briefings and reports are highly customisable, so you can organise your sections by social media type, your reports according to the data you wish to present, or in many, many other ways.

reports with content from subscriptions


As always, chat in to Agility Support if you ever want to discuss how to get the best out of Agility.


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