Do More With Less:


We’re just going to come out and say it—2020 hasn’t been fun.

A lot of public relations departments and agencies have felt the pressure to perform, while subsequently seeing their budgets, staff and support slashed.

Good thing public relations and communications professionals are acquainted with having to make a lot happen on limited resources. The agile PR pro can shift to meet this new normal. We want to help make it a little easier on you with this free guide and workbook.

Inside you’ll find ideas and solutions to:

  • Gift yourself more time
  • Nurture relationships
  • Embrace data
  • Boost your content
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As a public relations pro you’re already familiar with turning coal into diamonds when it comes to finding a story. It’s time to take that principle and apply it to everything. You don’t need a seven-figure budget, unlimited time and team members to get things done. Practical tips. Helpful exercises. Links to even more resources.

With these 15 ways to be a PR pro on limited resources, you’ll be able to make a BIG impact no matter your situation. Take advantage of this free guide and show your boss or clients (or both) that you’re the PR powerhouse we know you are!

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