Media Monitoring in the Public Relations Industry:


Everyone’s doing it. You should be too. But better.

The results are in, and according to Agility PR Solutions’ study of hundreds of PR pros across North America, Europe, and beyond, 95% are media monitoring. So how do you keep up, and more importantly, how do you get ahead?

Dive into our findings to see how you measure up to your industry peers when it comes to the most common tools and tactics being used for media monitoring, and how you can tweak your own habits to up the ante.

Get insights into:

  • Our research results detailing the most common media monitoring habits of hundreds of PR practitioners and consultants;
  • How to make the most of the media monitoring tools at your disposal;
  • Pro tips on WHO, WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE you should be monitoring, and WHY it matters.

Media Monitoring Measurement Report

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