5WPR Launches Measurement and Analytics Task Force

by | Jul 25, 2019

5W Public Relations, one of the 15 largest independently-owned PR firms in the U.S., has created an agency-wide Measurement and Analytics Task Force to increase and expand internal collaboration on best-in-practice reporting using data, KPIs and the latest in metrics to determine how to best show ROI to clients.

The group, made up of staff from all levels and practice areas, will share analytics, metrics and reporting standards across departments and accounts. By collaborating on various client-requested metrics, they will decide the best way to showcase the agency’s work in a smart and strategic way. In addition, pilot programs are being put in place, in partnership with the clients, to measure strong impact and ROI.

“Our objective is to continue to improve in all aspects of public relations,” says Dara A. Busch, Executive Vice President, Consumer Practice. “We are also working to find the best way to assist clients that need to show the ROI of PR to their own internal stakeholders.”

Additional objectives include:

  • Develop new ways to evaluate and measure media impact, using that information to drive new media strategies
  • Establish best practices for building a real-time data dashboard for clients, using the most relevant and impactful KPIs available
  • Develop best practices for measuring media and social media in crisis communications
  • Measure influencer initiatives
  • Determine the best reporting methods for c-suite executives uninterested in marketing and PR
  • Discuss the future of the PR industry, including challenges of AI and how to incorporate AI and machine learning into measurement efforts

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