AMMUNITIONagency, a Pioneering Tech-Driven Branding and Communications Firm, Launches in Atlanta

by | Jan 10, 2018

AMMUNITIONagency, an independent and digitally-led creative agency operating at the convergence of business insight, digital strategy, and results-focused execution, has officially opened its doors in Atlanta.

The new agency will specialize in creating meaningful brand experiences for organizations with complex, long-term sales cycles, through brand and communications consulting, corporate growth strategy, creative direction, user experience design, technology development, and marketing automation / CRM. Located in the center of the Southeast’s bustling economy and technology marketplace, AMMUNITIONagency can be found in the heart of Midtown Atlanta.

Headed by President and CEO, Jeremy Heilpern, AMMUNITIONagency was founded on the premise that advertising today shouldn’t steal your time, but instead deliver real value to customers and consumers at each stage of the buying cycle, based on their wants, needs, and current purchasing intent. And that to be an effective partner, agencies need to deliver measurable growth to their clients every day by creating meaningful experiences that engage users and drive them to action. Previously, Heilpern served as President of Morrison in Atlanta, where he was instrumental in its transformation to the hybrid agency model, while he fundamentally rebuilt the agency around a tech-driven focus on advertising, leading to demonstrable growth for the agency and its clients.

David Bernardino serving as Chief Operating Officer, and Brent Guinn as Chief Strategy Officer, will round out the leadership team. David brings to the agency 15 years of diverse marketing and general management experience at top tier CPG and Consumer Health companies, most recently leading Samsung’s Home Appliance B2B marketing team. Specializing in consumer segmentation, brand architecture, and packaging strategy, Brent has spent the last 16 years in brand marketing and general management roles on both emerging and iconic brands within Food and Beverage and Consumer Healthcare, where he’s developed a passion for creating and executing insight-driven growth strategies.

Together this team has worked with some of the most prominent brands and organizations in the world, including Samsung, Eaton, First Data, Sysco, McKesson, Mitsubishi Electric, Procter & Gamble, ConAgra Foods, Abbott Laboratories, and a host of emerging and Fortune 100 brands.

Heilpern states, “At our core is the belief that advertising isn’t about disruption, as much as it is the opportunity to provide value to the user in a way that creates awareness, educates over time, and drives them to a point of conversion—always delivering the right message at the right time throughout the customer journey.”

The firm’s data-driven approach to messaging is designed to deliver the right message when and where it will best resonate with users regardless of the device they’re using. The AMMUNITIONagency team has unrivaled industry experience with its current focus being on the building materials, home appliances, and electrical manufacturing industries to name a few.

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