ASTRSK PR Announces 2nd Annual Pro Bono Contest for Consumer Startups

by | Aug 20, 2018

ASTRSK PR is running its 2nd Annual ProBono PR Contest. The firm and its staff are huge advocates for equality and diversity in the world, especially within the business and startup communities, and work with a ton of amazing companies but continue to realize that there is huge gap in founders that are LGBTQ+, women and/or people of color.

Through September 14th, any early-stage, consumer-facing startup with a founder that identifies as a woman, part of an underrepresented community or is LGBTQ+ can apply to win one year of free PR from the firm.

This will be ASTRSK’s 2nd annual pro bono contest—last year they had over 200 applications. Here is a link to the application and qualifications to apply.

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