Austin’s Red Fan Communications launches Salon Series for CEOs

by | Oct 30, 2020

Red Fan Communications, an Austin, Texas-based full-service public relations and marketing communications agency, is launching its Salon Series on Thursday, Oct. 29, in partnership with Perch Perspectives, a leading human-centric business consulting agency advising business executives and policymakers on the forces that impact international affairs and decision-making.

The Red Fan Salon Series—which will be hosted quarterly by president and founder Kathleen Lucente—was created specifically to help CEOs and CMOs think more holistically about their business and communications strategies. Red Fan will partner with experts and business leaders across industries to explore critical political, social and economic issues that impact brands, their executives and the world of modern communications.

“With more than two decades of experience in communications and PR, I’m seeing the introduction of more and more unconventional issues that impact brand strategy and reputation that the C-suite needs to be aware of and know how to handle,” Lucente said. “Trends like the rise of brand social activism, political uncertainty and division, supply chain disruptions, and policy changes that affect the technology industry are reshaping how brands communicate and engage with their stakeholders and markets. The first episode of our Salon Series with Jacob Shapiro of Perch Perspectives is the perfect entry point for those conversations.”

The inaugural salon will feature a conversation with geopolitical expert Jacob Shapiro, founder and chief strategist of business consulting firm Perch Perspectives. Lucente and Shapiro will explore the political, economic and cultural forces that impact businesses, executives and the ability of both to communicate effectively. They will discuss topics such as the impact geopolitical issues have on business decision-making, how to prepare for the next technological revolution, and how the upcoming election will affect businesses.

The first Red Fan Salon Series webinar will be held at 12:30 p.m. CT on Thursday, Oct. 29. Click hereto register for the webinar.

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