Baretz+Brunelle Announces 2019 Associate Class

by | Jul 26, 2019

Baretz+Brunelle has announced its 2019 class of associates. In keeping with the firm’s goal to hire the most promising young talent, the new class of associates consists of four women, all of whom have experience in the communications field and attended top-ranked universities.

The new class continues Baretz+Brunelle’s rapid growth. Since its founding in 2016, it has doubled in size, launched a digital marketing practice last summer, opened a Washington office in April and hired its new chief financial officer last month. A mark of the firm’s continued growth and investment in its future, this year’s class of associates is Baretz+Brunelle’s largest.

All based in the firm’s New York office, the new associates are:

  • Marissa Morris, New York University (B.A.), Columbia University (M.A.)
  • Kanan Patel, University of Virginia (B.A.)
  • Claire Murphy, Boston University (B.S.)
  • Sophie Greenberg, American University (B.A.)

Three of the four associates will focus on Baretz+Brunelle’s corporate communications work, and one, Patel, will focus on the firm’s growing digital marketing practice.

“In many ways, we have modeled our hiring process after our world-class clients, who both need and deserve top talent to help grow their businesses,” said Spencer Baretz, partner and co-founder of Baretz+Brunelle.

“Our new associates are exceptionally well prepared to serve our clients, and they continue to raise the bar,” added Cari Brunelle, also partner and co-founder of Baretz+Brunelle. “We are thrilled that such a bright and driven group of young women has chosen to join us.”

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