Bianchi Public Relations & Landis Communications Score Gold for Agency Collaboration in Public Relations Global Network Best Practices Awards Ceremony

by | Nov 11, 2019

Collaboration and best practices are pillars for success for the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN), so it’s a double honor when two PR firms—Bianchi Public Relations, Inc. of Troy, Mich. and Landis Communications Inc(LCI) of San Francisco—were recognized recently for best practices in agency collaboration in PRGN’s annual awards competition.

LCI and Bianchi collaborated on the successful 2018 PR campaign for LCI client Velodyne Lidar, the leader in LiDAR sensor technology being used for autonomous and automated driving, robotics, smart cities, mapping and other industrial applications.

According to David Landis, LCI president, the campaign positioned Velodyne as both an industry and thought leader, particularly in safer mobility through autonomous vehicles and driver assistance systems; amplified Velodyne’s brand to achieve a dominant share of voice among a crowd of competitors; achieved significant key message pull-through; and increased the brand’s engagement with customers and potential customers.

LCI provided overall strategy, messaging and program execution from the Silicon Valley region, with Bianchi PR providing additional support and deep expertise in the Detroit automotive community.

“One of the key advantages of being members of the Public Relations Global Network,” said Landis, “is the ability to serve clients where and when they need help – with the right expertise. It has helped Velodyne maintain its leadership position in the industry.”

“Through this kind of collaboration, we can give automotive technology clients deep expertise in both the tech and automotive sectors, with an expert PR team that has one foot in Silicon Valley and the other in Detroit. It’s an unbeatable combination,” said James A. Bianchi, Bianchi PR president.

The PRGN Best Practices Awards reflect the wide range and diversity of talents that are represented by the 50 PR agency partners in the powerful worldwide PRGN alliance. In this year’s competition, there were 20 categories and 53 awards distributed consisting of 20 Gold, 17 Silver and 16 Bronze.

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