Brandstyle Communications Named PR Agency for Gaming Innovator Scuti

by | Jul 19, 2022

Brandstyle Communications, the leading public relations and communications firm focused on shaping dynamic brands, companies, founders, and entrepreneurs, announced a new client in the gaming and metaverse industry, Scuti.

With its diverse portfolio in B2B and B2C brands, Brandstyle Communications will utilize its unique expertise to shape storylines and narratives that continuously generate and sustain needle-moving exposure and awareness of Scuti’s innovations in the gaming and metaverse space.

Built by leading video game makers, publishers and media experts, Scuti is the first-ever g-commerce platform. It brings to life the world’s first retail marketplace accessed through games, allowing players to earn rewards in[1]game, in the metaverse or in real life. Scuti gives players access to products they want, allows brands to ship directly to players and creates incremental revenue streams for game makers.

Scuti gamified ads never interrupt game play, and players opt into the platform. The platform’s AI combines user preferences with game data to offer best-fit products to players and optimal targeting to brands.

About Scuti

Scuti is the pioneer in gCommerce and the world’s first universal rewards marketplace, accessed through video games and metaverses in the Scuti Network. Scuti’s marketplace provides players direct access to curated products, promotional offers, and exciting rewards that can be redeemed for in-game virtual items, exchanged for native currency or used to purchase any physical goods in the Scuti catalog. Founded by Nicholas Longano and built by a team of video game veterans, Scuti provide game makers with the most lucrative and accretive revenue streams, brings players universal rewards to enhance their gaming experiences, and allows brands a direct advertising and sales platform to reach the elusive gaming audience.

For more information on Scuti, visit scuti.store. For more information on Brandstyle Communications, visit www.brandstyle.com.

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