Chapter 2 retained by Real Wellness by Ricky and Linnea Williams

by | Jun 1, 2020

Communications firm Chapter 2 announced the addition of Ricky and Linnea Williams and Real Wellness to the firm’s family.

This moment in time has given us in the West an unprecedented opportunity to expand and advance our understanding of what we consider medicine for our current and future generations. For the modern individual, the value of possessing a strong and steady sense of self is climbing by the day in this world where things change on a dime. But here’s some welcome news: shaken from the slumber of smoother times, we’ve also become aware that the existential guidance we’re seeking is available to us all, no exceptions. Turns out, we can find the perfectly-curated formula we’re looking for when we turn our attention inward and upward, to those parts of our higher selves that are coming out of dormancy.

Real Wellnessis an interactive community platform that catalyzes and nurtures the awakening of the natural-born healers who are living and loving in countless households across the country. Real Wellness offers ancient, trusted formulas to a customer base that is deeply moved by the experience of learning-whilst-consuming. Powerful plant combos serve as surprisingly simple and accessible remedies for pain, sleep, anxiety, immune strength and other everyday health concerns.

Since 2018, Real Wellness has been activating the first wave of health-conscious consumers to proactively move the wellness needles inside their homes in a self-sustaining way. One of many forces disrupting an outdated healthcare matrix, Real Wellness is distinct in its transparent-teaching-approach of empowering householders to become greater change-agents to the West’s social-wellness norms.  Now is the time to learn, grow, and develop ourselves, together.

The cinnamon and cayenne pepper in our spice cabinets? Real Wellness shows the household healer how to multitask with these medicinal herbs to increase circulation and naturally energize the body, too. Built upon co-founder Ricky Williams’ extensive background in herbal pharmacopoeia rooted in the Ayurvedic, Western and Eastern wisdom traditions, Real Wellness distills and simplifies complex ‘materia medica’ into easy-to-digest wellness products and tutorials we can engage with from our kitchens.

More than a celebrated Heisman Trophy winner and NFL legend, Williams has gained prominence over the past several years as an influential voice in the spiritual awakening occurring within the US healthcare industry. Backed by cultural momentum built over decades of elite sport, diverse holistic medicine studies, global travel and spiritual retreat, the “Heisman Healer” has tapped into a remarkable ability to create a unique, useful and updated health philosophy for the modern American. Side-by-side with his wife and business partner Linnea, Ricky offers through Real Wellness access to wellness resources, his formula expertise and his passion for helping people feel better.


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