Diversity Marketing Consortium expands to offer $3 million in marketing and legal services and announces first program participants

by | Oct 16, 2020

The Diversity Marketing Consortium (DMC) announced that, after launching in July 2020, the group has expanded in response to overwhelming demand and will now offer $3 million in pro bono marketing and legal services over the next two years. Integrated communications agency Clarity, purpose-driven communications and marketing agency Peppercomm, creative communications agency Praytell, and communications agency Racepoint Global, will work in tandem with SourceCode Communications, Cheer Partners, influencer agency Social Studies, and Superbolt, providing support to minority and women-led startups in the United States. Davis & Gilbert will also offer legal consultation to startups that work with the Diversity Marketing Consortium.

“Women and minority entrepreneurs continue to face inequality in the startup ecosystem and beyond. We started the Diversity Marketing Consortium with our industry peers to work toward tangible and meaningful change when it comes to the inequities these founders face,” said Greg Mondshein, founder of the Diversity Marketing Consortium and Managing Partner of SourceCode Communications. “We’re humbled by the interest we’ve received not only from startups, but from additional partners offering their services to the DMC. With these new partners, we’ll be able to expand to serve more founders and we’re excited to see what the future holds.”

The Diversity Marketing Consortium was formed in an effort to help offset systemic racial and gender-based inequity for underrepresented founders. In partnership with Harlem Capital, the Diversity Marketing Consortium’s mission is to help level the playing field for underrepresented founders by providing $3 million in pro bono marketing services over the course of two years.

As part of the first group of startups to be a part of the program, the Diversity Marketing Consortium will work with relationship intelligence CRM 4Degrees, perk management software Compt, commercial kitchen automation company Dexai Robotics, cardiac telehealth company Moving Analytics, and pet wellness company Wagmo. The companies will work with the DMC for a minimum of three months, after which, another group of founders will participate in the program. Participating startups include those in Harlem Capital’s portfolio, participants in Harlem Capital’s pitch competitionon October 22, and startups that apply via the DMC’s website.

Sami McCabe, Founder & CEO of Clarity said, “It is an honor to join the Diversity Marketing Consortium and we are proud to work alongside leaders in our industry in creating meaningful systemic change around racial and gender-based inequality. At Clarity, we have always strived to work in an ethical, inclusive way and we recognize that it is our responsibility to take action in creating a more diverse and just startup ecosystem. We, along with our partners in the DMC, are committed to driving us towards that future by committing our resources, services and talents to create positive change.”

“At Peppercomm, we are proud and humbled to be part of the Diversity Marketing Consortium’s first cohort of member companies. As an organization, we are committed to contributing our voices and actions to effect change and build a more just society. Certainly, we don’t have all the answers, but we are determined to lead by example and be part of the long-term solution,” said Matt Purdue, Partner and Senior Vice President at Peppercomm. “Working alongside other like-minded companies in the DMC to serve women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color is an important step in how we can support creating a country, and a world, where every person is afforded the dignity and respect of an equal.”

“First and foremost, we recognize that without deploying capital to historically marginalized communities, we’ll never be able to build an equitable future. That’s why Praytell is committed to taking action and honored to join the Diversity Marketing Consortium – this partnership is one of many that will further empower our staff to actively address systemic inequality,” said Naria Frazer, Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Praytell. “It’s a privilege to work alongside organizations dedicated to diversifying economic systems and we look forward to supporting underrepresented business owners by amplifying their stories and helping them make the greatest impact possible.”

“As a communications agency focused on shaping the conversations that matter, we have a responsibility to do what we must, as fast as we are able, to help address systemic challenges for underserved and under-represented communities in the world of technology,” said Bob Osmond, President, Racepoint Global. “Participating as part of the Diversity Marketing Consortium is an important and productive way to channel our energies as an ally into the tangible actions that will drive real change for emerging businesses and leaders.”

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