French/West/Vaughan teams up with Reflexion, emerging leader in cognitive sports training

by | Aug 21, 2020

French/​West/​Vaughan (FWV), one of the nation’s 20 largest independently-held public relations and integrated marketing agencies, has been selected as agency of record for Reflexion, the cognitive sports training system designed to improve performance in competition.

Using a state-of-the-art touchscreen lightboard powered by cloud-based technology and data analytics, Reflexion accelerates and strengthens cognitive processes and skills such as peripheral vision, decision making, reaction time and hand-eye coordination. A series of visual touchscreen drills, analyzed by back-end algorithms, enable the system to track individual progress and goals, ultimately delivering tangible improvements in competitive performance for athletes.

The game-changing cognitive training service is currently being used by premier sports training centers and collegiate athletic departments such as Miami Sports Vision, Asylum Sports Center, the U.S. Air Force Academy and Arkansas State, as well as by sports performance researchers at Duke University and Penn State. A consumer version of the platform is available for home use. The cloud-based system includes feature upgrades as capabilities expand, such as advancements in predictive modeling.

Focusing on national media relations and brand awareness, FWV will work alongside Reflexion to position the brand for success in the sports vision training and wellness industries as the company broadens its footprint across the U.S.

“Reflexion offers a cutting-edge training system that provides a measurable competitive advantage to athletes, whether they’re amateurs or professionals,” said FWV’s President and Principal David Gwyn. “The Reflexion drills help athletes train themselves to process faster, shaving off vital time and resulting in quicker decisions, reactions and movements, which can ultimately make the difference between winning and losing.”

FWV has already initiated work on behalf of Reflexion to generate awareness of the system’s breakthrough achievements in accelerated sports cognition. The agency will also support influencer marketing strategies and strategic partnerships for the brand.

“We have seen firsthand how our products help athletes and other users enhance their cognitive performance,” said Matt Campagna, founder and CEO of Reflexion. “The FWV team has an impressive depth of expertise in sports and technology, so we’re excited to work with them to take our brand to the next level.”

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