GDX Studios welcomes new president, Sophie Masson

by | Jul 23, 2020

GDX Studios, a full-service experiential marketing firm that creates, captures, and amplifies disruptive experiences, welcomes experiential marketing veteran, Sophie Masson, to the team as its new president.

As most companies are cutting back on personnel decisions, GDX Studios continues to be progressive in building their company for the future.  In her role, Masson will be charged with leading the vision of GDX Studios out of the pandemic period and working with the studio’s multidisciplinary team to develop unique experiential solutions that meet the evolving needs of our new and existing clients.

“In today’s environment, the need for companies to be more creative and nimble in business is paramount, and as an entrepreneurial-led company, reinventing ourselves to provide clear, competitive advantages is at the core of our DNA,” said Founder of GDX Studios, Aaron Gaeir. “Welcoming Sophie as a part of our leadership team will make our position in the industry stronger than ever as we come out of this pandemic era and help us pivot to what now will be the new normal. Clients are no longer looking for us to execute on experiences alone; they expect a comprehensive approach to their experiential campaigns. We’re not only executing flawless branding activations but providing expertise on all elements: from strategy, production, and communications as well as telling effective branding stories.”

Sophie Masson, a French-Canadian turned San Diego resident, boasts 20 years of experience in the advertising industry. She has a deep understanding of design, storytelling, experiential marketing and production; an efficient combination that fuels the social media engine and the need for genuine content.

“I believe in the power of translating a brand’s mission into real life experiences that merge people and video storytelling to create authentic and moving brand stories that are far more welcoming than traditional advertising” said Masson. I’m excited to join such a talented, creative and dedicated team that will always look to take on the next challenge.”

Sophie started her career as a copywriter for Sid Lee and became a pioneer in the branding activation space. She was the founder of Manifest, Canada’s first experiential marketing company, bringing together under the same roof conceptual storytelling and production.

She has collaborated with brands such as Volkswagen, Wonderbra, Red Bull, Cirque du Soleil, Qualcomm, Suzuki, Smart Car, Air Canada, International Paper, General Motors, Caesars Entertainment, TAXI and BBDO and worked closely with creative powerhouses Sid Lee, Moment Factory and Crispin Porter.

Sophie added, “Our goal during these unprecedented times is to reimagine where and how brands are brought to life while creating purpose-driven projects. Consumers are still craving experiences that lead to human connectivity.”

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