Government Marketing University Announces All Virtual GAIN 2021 Conference

by | Oct 18, 2021

Government Marketing University (GMarkU) announced their program for the annual GAIN 2021 conference. This year’s theme ‘It’s all about the Government Marketer’ will ensure that GAIN attendees (GAINers) will be “In the Know” when it comes to the latest government marketing tips and techniques. GAINers will learn how to hone their strategic marketing skills, understand government personas, and craft a successful campaign strategy.

GAIN 2021 will bring government marketing professionals together with subject matter experts, government officials and their peers in a self-paced virtual setting. Streaming in November, this year’s conference will take the format of a 3-part series with episodes streaming over a 3-week period on November 4, 11, and 18 so attendees can watch and learn at their own pace.

“We’re a community,” said Stephanie Geiger, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Government Marketing University, and the host of the GAIN event. “Before GAIN, there wasn’t an avenue for government marketers to come together to share tricks of the trade and learn from one another. GAIN is all about sharing knowledge within our community and making sure that government marketers are equipped with the resources they need to rethink and realign their strategic marketing plans based on what they learn at GAIN.”

Episode #1: It’s All About…Strategic Marketing

GAINers will hear from industry experts, including Rao Unnava, of the American Marketing Association, on how government marketers can leverage the nuances of the federal market, define their marketing goals and objectives, and accelerate their own career growth – all while evolving their organization’s strategic marketing efforts.

Episode #2: It’s All About… Government Personas

Government Personas help marketers immediately understand their audience: who they are, the challenges they face, and – most importantly – how marketers can help them solve their problems. Attendees will hear from keynote speakers Andrea Mohamed, Vice President of Strategy, Innovation, Marketing and Communications, RTI International and Blake Eckert, Director of Marketing & Communications, Geocent on how marketers can identify their target audience and why it’s crucial to market to the right people at the right time.

Episode #3: It’s All About…Campaign Strategy

Building an effective campaign strategy is one of the most important things a marketer can do to make their campaign successful. During this session, attendees will hear from GMarkU’s very own Stephanie Geiger, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, as well as Kevin Plexico, Senior VP, Information Solutions, Deltek, on the tools, techniques and tactics that’ll help marketers build better campaigns. Through a series of real-world case studies, GAINers will also learn how to create better content experiences, what government marketers are doing to engage audiences, how to form strategic relationships with PAOs and more.

Register Today

Individuals interested in attending the GAIN 2021 conference can register today by visiting https://thegainconference.com/tickets/

About GAIN 2021

GAIN 2021 will have all the hottest content and speakers to ensure you are “In the Know.” Join us to hear the latest tips and techniques in reaching your government audience by checking out our agenda and registering today. You can count on Government Marketing University to lead the way with incredible and innovative training content like Creating a Holistic Marketing Strategy, Staying Agile in an Evolving Landscape, Translating Policies and Mandates into Actionable Campaigns and so much more. All in a new format of a 3-part series with episodes launching over a 3-week period so you can watch and learn at your own pace.

About Government Marketing University

Government Marketing University, now part of GovExec’s portfolio, is an innovative learning platform that applies a collaborative, community-based approach toward knowledge sharing and skills development in the field of public sector marketing. Experts from all corners of the U.S. public sector marketplace — marketers, thought leaders, government, media, and sales — are contributing their knowledge to this unique, content-rich platform. Government Marketing University offers training, research, certifications, mentoring, and community resources all in one place.

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