Infinite Objects selects Diffusion as Agency of Record

by | Nov 4, 2020

Infinite Objects, the sole creator and provider of Video Prints, has selected Diffusion as its public relations agency of record. Diffusion will lead consumer and influencer relations support for Infinite Objects, specifically working to elevate its flagship product, the Video Print, as the perfect gift for the 2020 holiday season (and beyond). Diffusion will also provide support on corporate announcements and product launches as needed.

Diffusion’s campaign is designed to drive mainstream awareness of Infinite Objects’ core product, Video Prints, through a creative product seeding program timed for this holiday season. Diffusion’s outreach will target mainstream, consumer, lifestyle, technology and other vertical media while leveraging influencer relations to drive growth on social media and purchase conversions. Diffusion will also work with Infinite Objects to promote corporate and industry news, including upcoming collaborations between the brand and digital artists.

Founded in 2019, Infinite Objects originated from an R&D project spun out from the popular GIF database GIPHY with its inaugural product: the Video Print. Video Prints are displays designed to play a single video on a loop, infinitely. Available in either a 5” or 7” display, each Video Print is framed in acrylic or bamboo and can store up to 24 hours or 1GB of footage. Anyone can create their own Video Print, or purchase from a curated inventory of incredible artist collaborations, ultimately changing the way we value, appreciate and distribute video.

Roxy Fata, Chief Operating Officer at Infinite Objects, commented“The beauty of Infinite Objects is not only in its innovation or artfulness, but in its simplicity. We’re giving people the chance to display either incredible video art or a cherished memory. Diffusion immediately understood the potential of our product, demonstrated their incredible depth of expertise, and their proposal felt genuinely inspired by our product. After seeing Diffusion hit the ground running, with earned media results within our first weeks of working together, it was clear we made the right decision.”

Kate Ryan, U.S. Managing Director at Diffusion, commented: “After a while in consumer tech products, you can feel like you’ve seen it all. That just isn’t the case with the Infinite Objects and their Video Prints—it demanded my attention. The product looks and works just like magic in an industry overcrowded with tech that’s gone ‘smart’ for smart’s sake. It’s the right product for this crazy time we live in, reminding folks to appreciate the special moments in life. In a sea of ‘sameness’ this holiday season, our PR campaign is designed to show off how unique the Video Print truly is.”

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