Influencer Marketing Service Takumi Expands Across Five New European Markets

by | Jun 27, 2019

Takumi, the UK-based influencer marketing service, is expanding into five new markets—France, Spain, Italy, Austria and Switzerland—growing its presence to a total of eight markets including UK, Germany, and the U.S.

This expansion of one of the UK’s fastest growing business is in response to huge demands from brands across Europe for high quality, consistency and authenticity in influencer marketing.

Quality, consistency, and authenticity in influencer marketing is essential—but is increasingly hard for brands and agencies to maintain and replicate at scale.

The expansion offers brands a centralized solution for delivering quality, compelling content across Europe, at scale.

Takumi has always been international in outlook, working with global clients including P&G, Pernod Ricard, Nike and General Mills. The company has long been a champion of transparency in the industry, tackling fraud and investing in technology that sets the standard for brands and influencers.

Adam Williams, CEO Takumi says “Now more than ever before, Instagram influencers are under scrutiny. Brands and their creative partners need to ensure that their creative is being executed effectively, authentically and legitimately.

“Takumi has worked with international brands since its inception. At this pivotal moment, I’m delighted to offer our managed services across Europe—building real relationships between brands, influencers and consumers.”

Benefits of pan-European support for brands and marketers:

  • Guaranteed brand safety and results – stringent 11 step vetting process to ensure only the highest quality, authentic influencers in each country.
  • Localized app – translation of Takumi’s app into local languages, enabling influencers to respond to briefs and deliver their best work – and helping brands build their reputation in local markets.
  • Native-speaking campaign managers – to ensure seamless influencer communications, and support local, coordinated client campaigns that deliver better insight and results.
  • Localized payment currencies – maintaining Takumi’s strong influencer reputation and relationships, as an attractive partner for influencers to work with.
  • Takumi proprietary platform – for full transparency, allowing multiple client stakeholders to monitor and report on the success of their campaigns across multiple markets.
  • Guaranteed results – Takumi’s way of working allows for guaranteed deliverables for clients, based on their KPIs for multiple markets.
  • Fully managed service – Takumi offers Instagram influencer marketing expertise bringing tech and in-house expertise to deliver holistic end-to-end campaigns at scale.
  • Licensing – all content comes with perpetual digital license rights in any market, enabling assets to be reused within paid, owned, earned.

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