Iterable Releases New First-of-its-Kind Cross-Channel Marketing Individualization Solution

by | Sep 16, 2019

Iterable, a cross-channel growth marketing platform, announced the release of its transformative solution Catalog, a revolutionary way to customize campaigns leveraging large amounts of previously unavailable contextual metadata.

The Iterable platform enables brands to create a unified customer experience by orchestrating seamless engagement across email, mobile push, SMS, in-app and other messaging channels.

Now Iterable Catalog offers marketers an intuitive way to design dynamic content recommendations from multiple criteria, derived from profile, behavior, application, geolocation data and more.

At its core, Catalog is a metadata-driven individualization engine. With Iterable Catalog, marketers are able to create deeply personalized messaging experiences derived from first-party customer data—everything from personal profile details to inferential behavioral preferences. Catalog activates the full breadth of data contained in the marketing stack, making it possible for marketers to easily create dynamic marketing experiences applicable across customer database-wide scale.

For instance, imagine a food delivery business wants to showcase the most popular restaurants to customers. Each of its users maintain their own preferences, live in different locations, and have different dietary restrictions.

In this case, the food delivery business would use Iterable Catalog to personalize restaurant recommendations by creating the category “Restaurants” and segment on the specific sets of criteria it would like to include—criteria like restaurant ratings, popularity scores, or even geolocation data. An example of an individualized content recommendation could be: “vegetarian restaurants with a rating of 9 that are located near me.” Based on the specific criteria, anyone can generate lists of restaurants that complement its customers’ profile data in a matter of minutes, with limitless options.

The Dyrt, the fastest-growing camping app and featured speaker for Iterable’s upcoming Catalog webinar, quickly recognized user engagement gains through the flexible depths of Catalog’s personalization capabilities.

“Prior to using Catalog, our app was limited to providing a generic ‘top 5’ list of campgrounds in each state as recommendations. We had no ability to dynamically recommend campgrounds to users based on their profiles. After our implementation of Catalog, our entire marketing strategy changed to playing individual campground matchmaker with our users—bridging the gap between the camper and the campground. We were able to segment in ways never seen before. We not only were able to increase our ability to recommend campgrounds, but also provide more personalized campgrounds for each user,” said Anthony Easton, Head of Audience Development at The Dyrt.

Catalog debuts six months after Iterable announced its $50 million Series C round of funding; this innovation combines the flexibility of Elasticsearch database technology with the enormous scalability provided by cloud infrastructure. Pulling massive data sets into segmented campaigns has previously been technically impossible for leading consumer brands.

To create even a fraction of the Catalog product recommendation functionality, marketers have historically had to rely on their engineering and data science teams. However, Catalog is uniquely designed for marketing teams to easily build campaigns, filter criteria, and store or reuse customer segments through its Collection Builder interface. Real-time data continuity ensures customers receive individualized content that complements their immediate experience.

“Iterable’s Catalog is the first solution to deliver this level of individualization at massive scale across an unlimited number of data points in a brand’s product portfolio. It will move the MarTech landscape into the next generation and empower modern marketers to customize every step of the customer journey,” Justin Zhu, CEO & co-founder of Iterable said.

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