Leighton Interactive repositions, changes name to Vye

by | Oct 7, 2020

The days of COVID-19 have been described as: uncertain, unprecedented, unpredictable.

But for Leighton Interactive, a marketing agency with locations in St. Cloud, MN and Green Bay, WI, the early part of 2020 has inspired Uncommon Creativity as a bold leap to embrace the company’s long-term vision and mission.

On October 1st, 2020, Leighton Interactive announced it would reposition its focus and change its name to Vye. The company’s tagline, Uncommon Creativity, speaks to the agency’s creative solutions that leverage a mix of data, creativity, and technology.

“We encourage our clients to think big, to be fearless in their pursuit of success, to do whatever it takes to move their business forward,” says Vye President Dan Soldner. “Instead of pausing or holding business as status quo during the pandemic, we feel strongly that now is the time to lead by example and lean into who we are as an organization.”

Vye represents the opportunity to more closely align with evolving clients’ needs and the agency’s niche: to redefine marketing as a measurable growth investment.

Soldner adds, “Vye is our vision of the long game. It’s who we have evolved to become over the past 10 years as our offering and expertise has expanded from web and digital solutions to include strategy and brand development, research, analytics and assessment, automation, campaign planning, sales enablement and more.”

Who. What. How. Vye.

The transformation from Leighton Interactive to Vye is in response to seeing many companies invest in marketing but failing to measure, or see, a return on their investment. Or, even more concerning, when companies position marketing as a support entity or overhead expense.

“Measurable growth means something different for every client,” adds Soldner. “For some clients, growth means a pipeline of sales leads or linking customer service with operations or recruiting talented employees. For others, growth begins with redefining their brand and value proposition.”

“If you cannot quantify the return on your marketing investment, then you are wasting money, time and effort… and this is likely holding you back,” Soldner adds.

Measurable growth can be achieved through specific deliverables or tactics, but empathy and problem solving reside at the core of functional marketing that delivers results. This belief, combined with expertise and experience in integrating data, creativity and technology, is the formula that helps clients evolve and grow.

The name Vye originates from the word “vie,” which means “to compete eagerly in order to do or achieve something.

“Our clients come to us vying for something—more leads, a stronger brand, a better process,” says Vice President Jennifer Lawrence, who oversees client accounts and agency operations. “Our clients are courageous and ready to think differently about their businesses and the possibilities to grow. And of course, their success is our success.”

The Evolution of Vye

Leighton Interactive was founded in 2009 in response to a growing number of Leighton Broadcasting clients who sought to expand their radio advertising to include web and digital solutions. The word “interactive” was a fitting and descriptive word for the market need and the solutions the company provided at the time.

“The Vye team has a history of creating new opportunities—for themselves and for their clients,” said Bob Leighton, CEO, Leighton Enterprises. “I’m consistently impressed with their innovation and the ability to redefine themselves and their work.”

Vye’s team has grown to 24 members and our portfolio includes mainly B2B companies, from 24 states, representing a variety of industries including manufacturing, technology, beverage distribution, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and nonprofits.

The Vye experience delivers Uncommon Creativity—a fresh alternative to traditional marketing, that joins technology, data and creativity. Vye, and their clients, are united around a common mission to redefine marketing as a measurable, growth investment. Expertise in inbound marketing has earned Vye the Platinum Hubspot Partner status, and the trust and partnership from dozens of B2B clients across the midwest. Vye team members work from offices in downtown St. Cloud, Minn. and in the Rail Yard Innovation District of Green Bay, Wis. Vye, launched in October 2020, is formerly Leighton Interactive (founded in 2009). Vye rhymes with why.

Richard Carufel
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