Mindwalk Yoga appoints Subculture Agency to launch new yoga therapy for anxiety company 

by | Sep 18, 2020

Culturally defining brand marketing agency Subculture has been appointed to launch cutting-edge virtual yoga studio Mindwalk Yoga. The firm will help to expand public relations and establish the company as the leading yoga studio specialising in effective and evidence-based methods to treat symptoms of stress and anxiety. Borne out of the current global pandemic, Mindwalk Yoga is an East London based start-up social enterprise and virtual yoga studio with the aim to reach diverse and vulnerable people.

Founded by Zakiya Bishton, a qualified yoga teacher with over ten years’ teaching experience and specific training in yoga-therapy-for-anxiety and yoga-therapy-for-PTSD, Mindwalk’s mission is that yoga tailored to treat common mental health conditions becomes as normal and accessible as going for a walk in the park. For Mindwalk Yoga, this means creating an affordable, inclusive, accessible, digital on-demand yoga service to self-manage mental wellbeing with yoga practices.

Mindwalk Yoga will regularly launch 30 days of anxiety support with bite-sized yoga-therapy-for-anxiety videos delivered direct to your inbox and in September, a comprehensive eight-week course will be available online and on demand. Yoga-therapy-for-anxiety combines breathing practices, mindfulness, applied neuroscience and tailored yoga postures to treat the symptoms of anxiety in the mind and in the body. With the aim to reach those who wouldn’t normally choose yoga, classes are suitable for all ages, all levels of ability and all backgrounds and circumstances with a focus on nurturing, mindful breathing, moving and connecting with understandable, easy-to- follow language.

“When we are truly overwhelmed by traumatic events, anxiety and stress, we need solutions that cater to our minds, bodies and psyche,” said Zakiya Bishton, founder. “Mindwalk Yoga wants to serve all people in this time of need with an approachable, accessible and FREE service. We initially launched to help NHS and care workers. Now we are serving people around the country and world. We are so excited to be working with a dynamic agency like Subculture that champions our brand message and mission.”

“Subculture works with brands to tell compelling stories that inspire the world in powerful and meaningful ways. Mindwalk’s commitment to inclusion and understanding behavioral psychology through yoga reflects the type of voices and narratives we aim to share through communications. With our mutual passion for neuroscience and the impact of human behaviour, we’re honoured to bring Mindwalk Yoga to a global platform” said Viet N’Guyen, founder of Subculture Agency.

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