MIX Public Relations Co-Founders Gain Top Industry Recognition

by | Mar 29, 2018

MIX Public Relations, the tech-focused boutique agency with a big bite, announced that co-founders – Matthew Mors and Hally Wax received top industry recognitions from PR News.

Mors, a Principal in Seattle at MIX Public Relations was recently named PR News’ Data Dynamo for being a data wiz as well as a stellar communicator. In additional to his keen understanding of the tech industry, Matthew has a distinct focus on the information security. As a result of this expertise, he is uniquely capable of creating stories and narratives for clients by conducting extensive analysis on data sets queried from captured security telemetry.

“As a long-standing MIX client, Malwarebytes benefits from Matthew’s deep understanding of the cybersecurity landscape,” said Doron Aronson, Global Director of Corporate Communications, Malwarebytes. “With his security expertise, it sometimes feels as if I have an additional security researcher on my team – except Matthew also understands communications and public relations. His ability to take intricate findings and shape comprehensive campaigns, reports and coverage, is critical in positioning Malwarebytes as a cybersecurity leader.”

Wax, also a Principal at MIX Public Relations in Seattle was recently named among the Top Women in PR, by PR News for her instrumental role in MIX Public Relations’ success. With Hally at its helm, MIX Public Relations has experienced exponential growth, both in the number of clients and employees. Today, MIX is one of the fastest growing technology public relations companies globally, and is one of the top five largest technology firms in the American West (per O’Dwyer’s).

“Hally has impacted the landscape of PR with a metrics and sales lead-focused approach to PR success that changes client’s perception of the discipline to a proven revenue driver, rather than as a profit-and-loss line item or cost center,” said Mors. “Hally is tenacious and uncompromising in her focus on client success and has the ability to make every client feel like her only client!”

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