Outreach Strategists partnered with Adform and Semcasting to future-proof its campaigns

by | Feb 8, 2021

Outreach Strategists, Houston-based public affairs and communications firm, has strategically partnered with Adform and Semcasting to use the AudienceDesigner (ADS) platform, to future-proof its campaigns before third-party cookies disappear.

“As leaders in digital advertisement placement, we’re making strategic choices to ensure our clients come out ahead both now and in the future,” said Mustafa Tameez, CEO of Outreach Strategists. “Working with Adform and Semcasting positions our clients to be even more successful in this new era marking the end of third-party cookies, the loss of identifiers, and the increased need for first-party data.”

“As a company focused on the intersection of effectiveness and efficiency, we worked with Semcasting and Adform to reach customers and targets wherever they engage in the digital ecosystem,” continued Tameez. “Their solutions give us the agility to positively impact conversion and drive tangible outcomes in the constantly-evolving adtech landscape.”

Privacy regulations, the impending demise of cookies and the pandemic forcing marketers to be more efficient with tighter budgets all magnify the current challenges with identity (ID) resolution and audience targeting. Adform’s First-Party ID Solution and the Semcasting ADS platform help marketers overcome these obstacles.

Semcasting recently rebranded Activate to the ADS platform. The ADS brand name better represents the platforms’ extensive capabilities to design, enhance, filter or suppress data to optimize their audiences with Semcasting’s more than 8600 demographic, behavioral or transactional attributes.

The ADS platform is a self-service, end-to-end data ID resolution, audience design and attribution platform. The platform’s cookie-free methodology offers drastic improvements in speed-to-market and match rates over the current deterministic ID resolution standard. With the ADS platform, first-party data is onboarded within minutes with match rates averaging 85% compared to the benchmark of taking five days with an average 40% match.

“As we continue to future-proof our tech stack for enterprises in North America, the Semcasting ADS platform was a clear choice for ID resolution and audience design,” said Julian Baring, GM of Americas at Adform. “As the rest of the adtech industry prepares to kick its cookie dependency, Semcasting has operated cookie-free since its inception, so it is a natural leader for the next generation of audience targeting as the rest of the industry prepares for the next phase of online advertising.”

This key partner agreement empowers Adform clients to more seamlessly leverage the patented technology within the ADS platform for more transparent first-party data onboarding and ID resolution coupled with best-in-class audience design to enrich audiences. Within the ADS platform, Semcasting customers can activate advertising to their thoughtfully-tailored audiences directly on the Adform DSP.

The Semcasting ADS platform was built in direct response to the demand for better control and more transparency in the management of first-party data onboarding. PwC recently conducted an independent review of the Adform FLOW platform and found that it is 100% transparent in tech fees, data fees and media cost within the Adform tech stack. PwC also confirmed a 100% audience match rate between the Adform DSP and DMP as well as 100% accurate reporting.

“Adform clearly shares Semcasting’s commitment to privacy and mission to bring brands more transparency and greater control of their data onboarding,” said Ray Kingman, CEO and founder of Semcasting. “Our joint clients have seen early success from leveraging the ADS platform and Adform FLOW, so we look forward to continuing to expand our partnership with Adform this year.”

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