PAN Appoints Azizza Brinson as Vice President of Media Relations and Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

by | Jun 18, 2024

Azizza joins Ashley Waters, Lauren Hill and Ashley Wallace Jones on leadership team of specialists spanning PR, data and integrated marketing

BOSTON, MA / June 18, 2024 / PAN, an integrated, data-driven marketing and PR firm for B2B technology and healthcare brands, today announced Azizza Brinson has joined the agency as Vice President of Media Relations and Head of DEI. In this role, Azizza joins forces with PAN’s current VP of Media Relations Ashley Waters to help lead the agency-wide department and support the pursuit of strategic press on behalf of PAN’s clients. Azizza also will work closely with the firm’s executive team and HR department to lead PAN’s DEI efforts internally and externally.


Earned media is one of the most critical channels for driving brand awareness and executive thought leadership today. PAN understands the continued importance of media relations and is further strengthening the firm’s capabilities with Azizza’s expertise, as more B2B technology and healthcare clients ask for top-of-funnel support for executive thought leadership to ensure a strong brand and reputation across sectors. 

“I’m excited to join PAN not only as one of the leaders for Media Relations, but also to lead and oversee DEI initiatives. PAN’s dedication to storytelling, strategic partnerships, relationship building and fostering a more diverse and inclusive workplace aligns perfectly with all my passions and values,” said Azizza. “As the comms industry continues to deal with the challenges stemming from shrinking newsrooms and volatile news cycles, I’m eager to jump in and help PAN’s clients effectively navigate the tough media landscape and get their stories into the limelight. I’m also deeply committed to using my role as Head of DEI to help PAN continue to strengthen its work in DEI to improve PAN’s internal culture and the company’s ability to advise clients on building inclusive and representative communications.”

With more than 11 years of experience, Azizza has driven media relations and provided strategic recommendations for tech brands across B2B and B2C. She has built strong relationships with media at top-tier and trade publications on behalf of large brands and high-level executive teams, seeing success with companies such as Adobe, HubSpot, Automation Anywhere, Peloton, Pinterest, Amazon, Sony, LinkedIn, Sam’s Club, Cricut, Vivint Smart Home and more. In addition, Azizza recently launched Media Darling, a weekly guide to help PR professionals remain agile and adaptable in the world of media relations.

She currently sits on the board of directors for PRSA-NY as the Vice President of DEI and plays a key role in championing a more inclusive public relations landscape in NYC. Previously at Hotwire, Azizza served as Director of Media Strategy and Chair of the company’s Black Employee Resource Group – where she led initiatives on fostering a safe space and a sense of belonging for Black employees to connect and share experiences, while also addressing relevant social and professional issues.

“Strategic media relations are imperative for our clients and Azizza’s passion for it is contagious. She is joining at a pivotal time in our growth journey, as we continue to invest in upleveling our media relations skills, experience and relationships,” said President and CEO Phil Nardone. “I’m also thrilled to have a partner in our DEI initiatives. I am committed to not only building a workplace where people can be their authentic selves, but an industry. With Azizza’s proven passion, the foundation we’ve laid through our PANid work and our partnership with Historically Black Colleges and Universities, we’re closer to our mission of making the industry as diverse as the world we live in.”

Joining Forces: PAN’s Specialist Leadership Team

In addition to Vice President of Media Relations Ashley Waters, who acts as an account and agency leader, now co-heading up the media relations team where she oversees specialists, mentors colleagues and delivers agency-wide training, Azizza will be working alongside a group of PAN’s key specialists, including Vice President and Head of Data and Analytics Lauren Hill and Vice President of Integrated Marketing Ashley Wallace Jones. Lauren Hill is responsible for leading PAN’s intelligence-focused strategic consulting, measurement and analytics offerings. With deep experience across brand marketing and demand generation, Lauren leads her teams in developing thought-provoking campaigns to help her clients meet their KPIs. With nearly two decades of experience, Ashley Wallace Jones drives brand positioning, thought leadership platforms and innovative content marketing strategies. With a rich background spanning executive messaging, collaborative partnerships and strategic campaign development, her expertise fuels success for top-tier clients.

Experiencing Change Together: PANid

PANid’s employee committee activates grassroots programs designed to engage and educate the firm’s workforce, as well as champion and celebrate diversity. At the same time, PAN’s leadership team at all levels – now with Azizza’s strategic guidance – embraces an ongoing commitment to DEI goals and objectives through six key areas of focus.

About PAN

PAN is an award-winning brand-to-demand agency forged from PR that empowers possibility for leading B2B tech and healthcare companies worldwide. Storytellers at heart with deep industry experience, a strategic, data-driven mindset, and a fully integrated marketing and communications service offering – PAN has been recognized as a 2x Technology Agency of the Year and PRovoke Media’s Data-Driven Agency of the Year. PAN’s approach blends the right mix of brand awareness and demand generation to move ideas across media, audiences to action, campaigns to results, and companies to the next stage of their journey, including brands like Algolia, athenahealth, Powin, Radial, Solera and Vercara. For more information, visit our website at pancommunications.com and follow us on LinkedIn.

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