PAN Communications Partners with Phononic to Drive Visibility for Emerging Growth Brand

by | Jun 21, 2018

PAN Communications, an integrated marketing and PR agency for the B2B tech and healthcare industries, today announced its partnership with Phononic, a company whose unrivaled approach to solid-state cooling is breaking the boundaries of semiconductor innovation.

Semiconductor technology has given rise to the transistor, solar panel and LED light, yet the cooling and heating industries have continued to utilize antiquated technologies not suited for the modern world. Phononic’s unrivaled approach to solid-state cooling has redefined the refrigeration and freezer industry by delivering unprecedented performance and sustainability. Phononic’s edgy, boundless approach is what encouraged the company to partner with PAN, the Holmes Report 2018 Technology Agency of the Year, known for bringing emerging growth technology brands to the forefront of their industries.

“When we kicked off our search for a communications partner late last year, we knew we’d need a creative, edgy team that understood our disruptive approach as a high-growth brand,” said Loren Shumate, head of marketing communications for Phononic. “PAN has delivered from day one, helping our team to tap into both new and existing buyers, while enabling our CEO to tell Phononic’s innovation story seamlessly across earned, owned and paid media channels.”

PAN’s partnership with Phononic boasts several noteworthy results from the first quarter of 2018, including an impressive increase in quarter-over-quarter share of voice in the following vertical industries: 178 percent in food and beverage, 150 percent in healthcare and 102 percent in Optoelectronics. Phononic’s increased visibility in the food and beverage sector was due largely to the “Store of the Future” research campaign that PAN and Phononic put forth, garnering 50 new leads, 1.3k eBook views, 442 new Twitter followers and 181k impressions across Twitter and LinkedIn. Additionally, PAN launched a complimentary social campaign for Phononic’s CEO, resulting in a 178 percent increase in organic engagements on LinkedIn. To cap off these successes, Phononic saw a 99 percent boost in engagement on the brand’s corporate Twitter account, along with 20 pieces of media coverage and 26 new influencer engagements over the course of the first-quarter.

As Phononic headed into the second-quarter, the brand was recognized by the BIG Innovation Awards for “Breaking the Boundaries of Solid State Cooling” and by the American Business Awards as “Silver Stevie, Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year.” This recognition was fueled by PAN’s targeted initiatives, and ability to leverage Phononic’s credible and influential leader, Dr. Tony Atti, founder & CEO of Phononic. These achievements and Phononic’s continued growth over the past year positioned the brand as a commanding force in the industry, as evidenced by its recently announced deal with partner Thermo Fisher Scientific. The deal made Thermo Fisher Scientific the exclusive supplier of Phononic refrigeration and freezer technology for life sciences and health care markets worldwide. Coming off these exciting award wins, the PAN team secured a broadcast opportunity for Phononic’s CEO on CNBC, positioning the brand in front of more than 25 million viewers per month.

“It’s exciting to represent a brand who is truly rewriting the rules of a legacy industry,” said PAN senior vice president, Megan Kessler. “Phononic’s approach to solid-state refrigeration has changed industry standards and reshaped consumer perspectives in similar fashion to the iPhone redefining communications. It has been an incredible experience helping Phononic tap into new customers and revenue streams, while increasing their visibility in more mature target markets.”

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