PAN Communications Simplifies Content Marketing with New Three-Tiered Program

by | Jun 8, 2018

In response to growing demand from marketers looking to deliver effective content marketing programs, PAN Communications, an integrated marketing and PR agency for the B2B technology and healthcare industries, has identified a simplified approach to help marketers amplify content and better engage with customers across all levels of the sales funnel. While content creators are making progress, many still struggle with aligning, positioning and measuring the revenue impact content has on the customer journey—especially when building influencer and inbound marketing strategies.

PAN’s fifth annual Content Fitness Report found that only 20 percent of surveyed CMOs have a successful content marketing program in place, yet more than 60 percent reported content marketing as a budget priority for this year. And, only 22 percent reported feeling “at the top of their game” when it comes to content marketing.

In response to marketers’ desire to experience better return from their content efforts, PAN has used years of data and an inbound marketing framework to identify three stages of content marketing success. Each level—Bronze, Silver and Gold—addresses unique challenges and opportunities to better connect content with customers and prospects.

While mastering the Gold level of content marketing may be the goal, marketers must incorporate these four program pillars in order to find true inbound marketing success:

  • Target alignment. Through the use of buyer personas built from PAN’s data and analytics platform.
  • Organization and simplification. Develop an idea-focused content marketing plan that prioritizes your efforts through the whole buyer’s journey at any stage of the funnel.
  • Storytelling and amplification. Personalize storytelling by listening, learning and engaging with your customers to discover content that resonates. Amplify your top performing content for extended audience reach.
  • Measurement and assessment. Align overall marketing spend with top-line organizational revenue goals, while also proving inbound marketing ROI to the C-Suite.

“At PAN, data and analytics is the foundation of every good content program. We have our fingers on the pulse of the industry, understanding the needs and challenges of today’s integrated teams,” said Darlene Doyle, SVP and Co-Lead of Client Relations at PAN Communications. “The ability to develop compelling, persona-based content is critical to engaging with customers and establishing brand advocates. We look forward to continuing to help B2B tech and healthcare brands move ideas forward.”

PAN works with marketers at every stage to help them understand the content that will impact their audience, move content through the right targeted channels, and establish loyal brand advocates. Learn more about PAN’s content marketing services here.

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