PAN Communications Supports DISCO in its Mission to Help the Legal Sector “Law Better” with AI Transformation

by | Jun 14, 2023

BOSTON, MA / June 13, 2023 / PAN Communications, an integrated marketing and PR agency for B2B technology and healthcare brands, shares results from a strong first quarter partnering with the legal tech brand DISCO

As an industry leader in AI-enabled legal technology, DISCO pairs world-class software engineering with regard for the traditions and processes of the legal profession. DISCO selected PAN at the beginning of 2023 to support the brand’s messaging, positioning and media relations efforts in a crowded and competitive market. PAN leveraged expertise in strategic storytelling, working with DISCO executives to refresh its narrative and develop hard-hitting media angles to support its new “Law Better” branding campaign and product launches, including its Timelines and Cecilia offerings. These efforts resulted in a steady stream of coverage for DISCO through the end of the quarter, including 64 mentions of the company and an interview for its CEO on NYSE Floor Talk. Across Q1, DISCO pulled 13% SOV among its US-based competitor group and forged relationships with top business press including Reuters, Insider, MIT Technology Review and Fast Company. 

Through PAN’s media relations efforts, DISCO was able to build awareness beyond just a legal publication audience, crossing over into business and technology outlets as well. 

PAN will continue to support the DISCO brand through a series of new opportunities this year, including executive thought leadership and ongoing expansion of the brand into new markets. 

“When we kicked off our search for a new integrated marketing and public relations agency, we knew we needed a team that was equal parts creative and strategic,” said Tom Furr, CMO of DISCO. “Our PAN team has its finger on the pulse of mainstream media and is always pushing us to find new ways to enter the conversation and promote our brand and products. It’s been a great match from day one, with DISCO pushing the legal sector out of its comfort zone and PAN similarly pushing us to communicate our impact boldly to the market.” 

The partnership between DISCO and PAN is a natural fit for the firm’s strategic vision and goals. Building on a strong year, PAN was recently awarded 2023 Technology Agency of the Year by PRovoke Media, reflecting ongoing momentum in the practice area and a commitment to the innovation that will define the future. 

“As a Vice President and the lead of PAN’s media relations specialist team, there is nothing I love more than a client with a great story and a bold approach,” said Ashley Waters, Vice President for PAN. “With leading edge AI technology and a strong point of view on what modern legal teams need to succeed, DISCO brings both to PAN. I look forward to supporting DISCO in its mission to help the industry ‘Law Better’ through AI transformation.” 

About PAN Communications 

PAN Communications is a mid-size integrated marketing & PR agency with over 200 employees internationally. PAN helps companies transform ideas into captivating stories that align to mid- and late-stage growth strategies through the firm’s NXT Stage approach. Headquartered in downtown Boston, PAN has additional office locations in San Francisco, New York, Orlando, and London, as well as a growing virtual community. The agency’s teams are positioned to help companies emerge in new markets and scale globally, with experience driving integrated strategy across a variety of brands like Veeam, Devo, Radial, athenahealth, Absolute Software and Aurora Solar. For more information visit our website at pancommunications.com and follow us on Twitter (@PANcomm). 

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