Peppercomm announces AI-driven sentiment mapping tool: Mindset.AI

by | Jul 9, 2020

In today’s fast-changing environment where stakeholder sentiment can sway from fear to anger to despair to hope and back again, brands are challenged to determine the messages their audiences want and need to hear. To help organizations navigate how to best communicate with their audiences during these tumultuous times and truly embrace stakeholder capitalism, Peppercomm, a leading strategic communications and marketing firm, has launched Mindset.AI.

The new analytics dashboard is designed to help brands effectively map their customer’s emotional mindset. It is the only analytics-driven tool that can identify their stakeholders’ stages in the crisis lifecycle; tap into their mindset to track emotions and engagements; and advise on what they need to hear when and where they will be most receptive to it.

The current pandemic has accelerated the shift to stakeholder capitalism, and brands must further emphasize their purpose to ensure they are meeting the needs of all audiences. Today’s stakeholders—employees, customers, suppliers, local communities, and society at large—represent varied mindsets, so a brand must understand where its stakeholders are in the crisis lifecycle to effectively communicate with them.

“The way a brand communicates during times of crisis can impact stakeholders’ views of the company long after the crisis subsides—either positively or negatively,” said Jacqueline Kolek, Peppercomm Senior Partner and General Manager, New York. “As communications teams navigate the recent chaos and uncertainty, we developed a tool that will help inform their messaging every step of the way by putting stakeholder needs and wants at the center of the conversation.”

Built on advanced AI designed specifically to derive crisis-focused emotional states, Mindset.AI analyzes millions of conversations drawn from thousands of varied sources across the internet. All this passes through a natural language processing algorithm to clean, analyze and segment findings into insights that can transform a brand’s understanding of its most important stakeholders on a granular, nearly day-to-day basis.

Peppercomm created the tool based upon findings from several industry surveys conducted in partnership with the Institute for Public Relations which revealed, among many other findings, that most companies are focused on helping external stakeholders affected by COVID-19. Mindset.AI helps identify how stakeholders’ moods and daily lives have been impacted, where they are engaging and what they are saying, and where they will be in the future based on the current cycle. Peppercomm’s team of analysts then uses the findings to inform key messaging, campaign direction, timing, and cadence for communications.

Mindset.AI is based on the firm’s 26 years of experience in data analytics and developing corporate crisis and post-crisis strategies for Fortune 1000 brands across industries including agriculture, manufacturing, food and beverage, hospitality, automotive, technology, travel and financial and professional services with data and insights underpinning every decision, Peppercomm leverages proprietary measurement solutions to track and evaluate program success.

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