PRS International Group of Companies signs MoU with Ad Print for an end-to-end digital signage solutions

by | Feb 3, 2021

Leading media conglomerate group, PRS International Group of Companies has entered into a partnership with Ad Print, leading sign and display manufacturer for an end to end digital signage solutions that will enhance the brand’s image, and drive dynamic business results. This new age relationship caters to providing solutions to PRS International’s clients around the world.

S Vijay Kumar, Global CEO, PRS International Group of Companies said, “Being top of mind is critical in today’s marketplace. Our goal has always been to support organisations as they prepare for the digital future and transform the way they do business. As we navigate the changing landscape of work, we are pleased to collaborate with Ad Print. At PRS International Group of Companies, we believe partnership models are essential to enhance insight and foster innovation.

The MoU seeks to leverage the capabilities of both the firms for meeting the growing requirements of the industry and delivering Digital Signage Solution. Our goal has always been to help our national and International clients, maximise service excellence and provide them with the best advice to meet their digital signage needs.

Sandeep Rai, Director, Ad Print said,The skilled team of PRS International Group of Companies and Ad Print are the real difference makers for our clients, especially as technology continues to be woven into many marketing solutions. We all have the same goal: to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients that our industry has to offer. Through strategic investments, a consultative approach and sound leadership, PRS International Group of Companies and Ad Print continues to pursue its mission of delivering innovative solutions at high quality and low cost.

He also mentioned that every day your potential clients are being bombarded with thousands of messages. How do you create a message that can be heard above all that noise, PRS International Group of Companies and Ad Print creative team knows how to generate unique and powerful messages that not only get heard but also compel your audience to engage with your brand.

The decision to formalize the partnership through this MoU, a key milestone for both PRS International Group of Companies and for Ad Print in their long term relationship, was made after extensive evaluation and identifying the core competencies and strong synergies between the two of them.

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