Purple Penguin PR hired by Vessel Health

by | Apr 1, 2021

Purple Penguin PR (PPP) was recently tapped by Vessel Health to provide regional media relations and personal branding for its founder, Jon Carder. The agency will develop a campaign that focuses on public relations as well as educating and influencing medical reporters, editors and producers.

Serial entrepreneur Jon Carder has launched a new app that’s destined to revolutionize the world of virtual health and wellness across the globe. Vessel Health offers a new at-home wellness tracking solution that can help people assess and optimize their health from the comfort of their own homes. The Vessel app identifies potential issues inside the body and then offers solutions to improve them, essentially bringing the testing lab into the home.

Vessel tests ten different health metrics in less than ten minutes simply by urinating on a test strip. After three minutes, the user can scan the strip with the Vessel app and get biomarker ratings of “low,” “good” or “high” on Vitamin B7 (biotin), Vitamin B9 (folate), hydration, Vitamin C, Cortisol, Magnesium, Ketone A (AcAc), Ketone B (BHB), pH and Calcium. Once the biomarkers are measured, the app provides a personalized wellness plan including nutritional supplements, menu planning and lifestyle changes to improve those biomarker ratings. Users can track their scores and get valuable recommendations by testing daily, weekly or monthly. Improving the biomarkers Vessel test’s for has been shown in research studies to help with sleep, mood, digestion, focus, energy and immunity.

Carder stated, “I’ve worked with Ray Drasnin before and his passion and execution for promoting my companies is beyond compare. Ray is the consummate PR professional with incredible media connections. He is a seasoned storyteller who understands entrepreneurs.”

Purple Penguin PR agency owner, Ray Drasnin, states, “Vessel Health is going to be one of the most compelling companies of the 21st Century. Jon Carder’s newest venture will be taught to aspiring entrepreneurs at universities worldwide. Jon is masterful at taking real life situations and monetizing them. I’ve gotten Jon on the covers of national magazines and he will grace the covers of more publications in the near future. He is a brilliant strategist and is expert at building dream teams that support his vision.”

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