RockOrange First Agency to Implement Four-day Workweek in Miami

by | Sep 28, 2022

RockOrange, an award-winning integrated marketing and communications agency in Miami, is implementing a four-day workweek pilot program after seeing the positive results coming out of the UK and around Europe, indicating that a paid day off each week goes a long way in terms of increasing productivity and enhancing work-life balance and increasing employee attraction and retention. 

The concept of the four-day workweek dates back to the 1950s when vice president Nixon foresaw this in a ‘not so distant future’ allowing for a fuller family life, yet it took a global pandemic to put this concept into practice.

Employees, or RockStars as they call them, work even closer than before to ensure that everyone is updated on client happenings, so coverage and service never stop. Since implementing this program, the company quickly experienced increased creativity, more energy coming from the team and more productive group collaborations which translated into stronger results and happier clients. “The ideas and energy coming from our RockStars is contagious, we can see them having more fun and generating bigger ideas.” Said Miguel Piedra, co-founder and managing partner at RockOrange. “Our clients have also  been very supportive of this initiative and have noticed  the increased innovation and creativity it has brought to their account teams,” he added.

South Florida is one of the markets that received the largest influx of people coming from New York and California, which turned the area into a hyper competitive creative powerhouse where agencies not only compete for clients, but also to attract and retain quality talent.  

“Offering a four-day workweek allows our team to recharge and find inspiration to come back and produce the exceptional service and results for which we are known,” said David Naranjo, co-founder and managing partner at RockOrange. “As companies are coming back from two years of remote work and tightened budgets, they face increasing workloads and we see this model as a benefit to our team, reminding them that we value and appreciate them and support work-life balance,” he added.

RockOrange’s four-day workweek pilot works through a rotation where some have Mondays off, and others have Fridays off, keeping the agency open and operating. The company also works under a hybrid model where employees are in-office twice a week to have ideation sessions and in-person collaborations. 

About RockOrange

RockOrange is an award-winning integrated marketing and communications agency serving up Fresh Solid Ideas with global reach since 2012. Never checklist thinkers, our band of RockStars are driven by creative curiosity and strategic insights that deliver powerful personal connections. With expertise across businesses and around the globe, we use our proprietary FRESH Approach® – a holistic set of guiding principles, to go deeper and deliver solid solutions for our partners that evoke emotion, set trends, and make an impact in the communities they serve. Get in touch: www.rockorange.com; Stay in touch: @teamrockorange.

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