Science History Institute Hires Diffusion to Build West Coast Awareness

by | Feb 20, 2019

Science History Institute, which preserves and celebrates our scientific and technological culture, selected Diffusionas its public relations agency of record. Diffusion has been brought on to raise the Institute’s profile on the West Coast in preparation for its event on rare earth elements in Los Angeles taking place in September.

The event will shine a light on the pivotal role rare earth elements play in modern society, providing a platform for conversation around the promise of the 17 crucial rare earth elements and the challenges the industry is facing. Diffusion’s dynamic campaign will make use of research and thought leadership to draw interest for the event from the general public, scientists, and policy makers.

To prepare for the event, Diffusion is building the Institute’s share of voice by inserting perspective from its researchers and historians into trending conversations, as well as forging and managing relationships with key publications for both preliminary and on-site media activations. Through activations underwritten with independent and original research, Diffusion will position the Institute as a reputable educational resource and leading voice in conversations around resource management and the cultural intersections of science and society. Diffusion will also provide direct logistics support in both the planning and executional stages to ensure a seamless experience for attendees and media.

Based in Philadelphia, the Science History Institute provides the scientifically curious public the compelling historical and cultural narratives behind science’s achievements. The Institute’s west coast event profiling rare earth elements will open a dialogue to discuss both the challenges and the opportunities these unique resources present for modern civilization. The event will also parallel the mission of the wider Institute: inspiring attendees to learn more about the modern world and the role of science and technology in shaping it.

Shelley Wilks Geehr, Director, Roy Eddleman Institute for Education and Interpretation at the Science History Institute, commented: “Consumers want to know more about their world and the way it works. At the end of the day, we at the Science History Institute are storytellers, finding unique ways to share the narrative of how science and society interact. Diffusion demonstrated their prowess in crafting and managing meaningful events that connect communities to larger narratives, all to the fanfare of media coverage that drives results, making them an obvious choice as an agency partner.”

Ivan Ristic, President US, Diffusion, commented: “The Science History Institute has a tremendous reputation which we are excited to elevate in the west coast market. Our campaign will tap into hot science issues that directly impact mainstream news and consumer behavior to drive curiosity and generate new conversations among media and influencers around the critical role science, and in this case rare earth elements specifically, surprisingly play in modern life.”

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