South Jersey Public Relations Agency Swordfish Communications Offers Free Services to Small, Mid-Size Companies Supporting Employees Seeking Abortions

by | Jul 6, 2022

In light of the Supreme Court decision overturning the Roe v. Wade decision, Swordfish Communications, a full-service public relations agency in Southern New Jersey, is offering pro bono services to small and mid-size companies to publicize their support for employees seeking abortions and who need to travel to receive one. This includes companies promising to pay or reimburse employees’ expenses, or directly facilitating out-of-state travel, such as providing transportation and lodging for the woman and a companion.

“Several well-known brands like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Uber and Disney have already publicly stated their plan to cover employees’ expenses if they have to travel out of state for an abortion, under their existing health care plans, and we applaud their stance. Swordfish wants to help smaller companies get the word out about their similar plans,” said Gary Frisch, president of Swordfish Communications. “These are companies that also value their employees and want to help them when they’re in need, but don’t have in-house PR departments to let everyone else know their hearts are in the right place.”

Swordfish will offer publicity services in companies’ local media markets, for any company with 100 or fewer employees and which is either headquartered or has employees in states where abortion is now illegal, or soon will be. Swordfish will also help publicize other initiatives by these companies to preserve the rights of their employees or to protest abortion laws in their states, for example, if they plan to relocate to another state. Presently, states that have banned abortion under so-called trigger laws are Kentucky, Louisiana, South Dakota, Idaho, Tennessee, and Texas; Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah, and Wyoming are poised to do so.

Any company seeking more information should contact Swordfish Communications at 856-767-7772 or info@swordfishcomm.com.

Founded in 2007, Swordfish Communications is a full-service public relations agency specializing in clients in the consumer goods, food and beverage, healthcare, technology, recreation, aviation, and professional services industries.  It also offers services for PR do-it-yourselfers, including Journalists by the Dozen, SharpShot Photography Services, and Opportunity Tracking.  For more information, call 856-767-7772 or visit www.swordfishcomm.com.

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