SugarCRM Unveils Generative AI for Midmarket CRM, Supercharging Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

by | Oct 5, 2023

Newfound “Out-of-the-Box’ Productivity Gains Do the Work, Empowering Teams to Deliver Exceptional Experiences

LONDON, U.K. – October 5, 2023SugarCRM, provider of the award-winning AI-driven CRM platform, today announced it is harnessing the power of generative AI to bring newfound out-of-the-box value and productivity gains to its thousands of midmarket customers worldwide, advancing the customer relationship management platform for sales representatives, marketers and customer service professionals.

Sugar executives showcased the new capabilities today at the company’s 2023 Industry Analyst Summit.

Sugar has been at the forefront of harnessing AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics to automate anything, accelerate everything, and anticipate what’s next. And now, it is incorporating generative AI into its platform that does the work to make the hard things easier for employees tasked with delivering exceptional experiences for customers and prospects.

Generative AI can act as a digital assistant, freeing up time and resources, enabling employees to focus on higher-value activities. According to a recent report by McKinsey Digital, about 52 percent of the value that generative AI could deliver applies to customer operations, marketing, and sales. The researchers indicate that generative AI has the potential to revolutionize the way organizations use and interact with their CRM by automating work activities that absorb 60 to 70 percent of employees’ time today.

SugarCRM’s new AI advancements are designed to help sales, marketing and service teams work faster and smarter in the following ways:

Generative AI for Sales dramatically enhances sales productivity and effectiveness by composing personalized and compelling emails and sales copy, data-driven and persuasive ready-made call scripts, and sales proposals infused with real-time customer intelligence. 

Generative AI for Marketing takes marketing automation and personalization to the next level, maximizing impact through creation of ultra-relevant, personalized marketing campaigns, landing pages and emails, automatic translation, and smarter segmentation.

Generative AI for Customer Service accelerates knowledge and value exchange by summarizing case history and service tickets, creates personalized user guides and product documentation, and enables agents and customers to quickly find answers and resolve issues.

Sugar’s embedded generative AI capabilities give organizations confidence to leverage the transformative effects of the technology while ensuring responsible usage, providing administrators with tools that audit, control, and filter the flow of data that gets passed to large language models. This offers best-practice business data and intellectual property protection.

“Most businesses are looking to AI to transform experiences and drive greater productivity. Today’s generative AI announcement is the latest evidence of our commitment to make AI accessible to all and to maximize usability for a next-level CRM user experience,” said SugarCRM CEO Craig Charlton.

“The generative AI revolution is here, and midmarket sales, marketers and customer service pros can’t afford to be left out of the equation,” he said. “With Sugar, organizations can unleash the potential of generative AI to automate, accelerate and optimize marketing, sales and customer service.”

Sugar’s new generative AI capabilities are currently available to customers participating in a closed pilot program.

About SugarCRM

SugarCRM is a CRM software that helps marketing, sales, and service teams reach peak efficiency through better automation, data, and intelligence so they can achieve a real-time, reliable view of each customer. Sugar’s platform provides leading technology in the sales automation, marketing automation, and customer service fields with one goal in mind: to make the hard things easier.

Thousands of companies in over 120 countries rely on Sugar by letting the platform do the work. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sugar is backed by Accel-KKR.

For more information about SugarCRM, visit: www.sugarcrm.com.

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