The Pollack Group teams up with the legendary Garry Kasparov to launch a legacy

by | Apr 23, 2021

For the first time, Garry Kasparov is presenting his legacy by educating others on chess and providing unprecedented access into his thinking and insights on everything from chess mastery, to his life, and even a look under the hood on his work for The Queen’s Gambit. And it is being produced at a level that only Vivendi can–top quality, immersive, and highly interactive.

Garry Kasparov

Garry Kasparov

The Pollack Group has teamed up with Vivendi and its subsidiary Keysquare to launch Garry Kasparov’s interactive community and content platform called Kasparovchess.com that will have exclusive chess-lovers content documentaries, chess lessons,  matches, and even a MasterClass with Garry himself. For chess players of all skill levels, the platform also includes thousands of chess puzzles, online matches, in-depth tutorials, and articles.

The platform is built as a way for chess lovers and beginners to immerse themselves in the world of chess and create their own chess legacy by experiencing chess life through the lens of one of the greatest players of all time. It provides the building blocks for casual players to become more confident while also providing top-tier content for the most dedicated pros looking to perfect their game.

“Chess is entering a renaissance in pop culture and is becoming a fabric of the mainstream,” said Louis Germain, CEO, Keysquare. “Our goal is to present Garry Kasparov’s legacy in a way that can inspire others and equip them with the tools they need to build their own legacy.”

Kasparovchess offers a wealth of free content and a subscription-based platform that provides a wide breadth of content to the chesee community for a modest monthly fee. Subscription features include articles, documentaries, online matches against masters, lessons, puzzles, and an in-depth post-game analysis tool. There are also many free features, including an exclusive podcast series by Garry Kasparov that includes a deep dive on The Queen’s Gambit, for which Kasparov consulted, and many anecdotes from Kasparov’s own career highlights. Premium features such as the soon-to-be-released Kasparov MasterClass will also be available for purchase as stand-alone content.

“We are showing the world that there is so much more to chess than strategy and tactics,” said Garry Kasparov. “It is a way of life and a way of looking at the world. I hope to bring all people into this experience, even if they’ve never played before, because chess can help them become everything that they want to be.”

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with Garry and Vivendi to launch Kasparovchess.com for beginners, enthusiasts, and experts alike,” said Stefan Pollack, president of The Pollack Group. “The platform is designed to make chess accessible and life-changing in a way that only Garry Kasparov can by giving audiences unparalleled access to the world of chess.”

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