The Worldcom Public Relations Group welcomes Morocco PR firm Tn’Koffee

by | Apr 2, 2021

The Worldcom Public Relations Group, the leading global partnership of independent public relations firms, continues to build out its partnership and announced that Worldcom recently voted Tn’Koffee, Casablanca, Morocco into its partnership.

“Our organization is committed to building a trusted, collaborative partnership of independent PR and communications agencies that pursue the highest level of excellence, as we expand our global expertise and footprint,” said Todor Ianev, Managing Partner, Janev & Janev (Sofia, Bulgaria), and Worldcom’s EMEA Region Chair. “Tn’Koffee is an outstanding agency and a terrific addition to our global partnership. They are a respected agency with deep experience in public affairs, media relations, and influencer strategy and will contribute significantly to our partnership.”

The welcoming of Tn’Koffee to The Worldcom Public Relations Group marks the completion of a rigorous Worldcom partner recruitment and vetting process that ensures the compatibility of the agency applying for partnership and their ability to meet the standards of trust and collaboration that have defined The Worldcom PR Group since its founding in 1988. As the newest partner, Tn’Koffee joins a robust group of global partners who openly share knowledge and best practices, utilize the partnership to meet expanding client roles, and collaborate on new opportunities scaled to the local, regional, and global needs of any Worldcom partner client or prospect.

“Joining Worldcom is a major milestone in our agency’s development strategy. In a context where clients are increasingly aware of the importance of more coherence in their communication strategies and looking for a one-stop-shop agency to support their regional and global action, our partnership in Worldcom provides us with a global perspective and a footprint of best-in-class agencies to expand our capabilities and to better serve our clients” said Khadija Idrissi Janati, Managing Director of Tn’Koffee. “We are proud to join such a respected and accomplished group of PR professionals from over the world.”

Tn’Koffee is a full-service PR firm committed to acting as a game-changer in the Moroccan market. With offices in Casablanca and Dakar and a footprint in 15 African countries, the agency relies on talented multidisciplinary teams with local and regional expertise in PR, public affairs, media relations, and digital marketing. The agency serves an extensive portfolio of clients operating in diverse industries such as hospitality, mobile, manufacturing, education, automotive, IT and financial services.

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