Tigercomm Launches New Playbook for Cleantech Sectors

by | May 15, 2018

When you prepare for a major purchase, is your first step searching Google or calling a salesperson?

Consumer attitudes have changed. Buyers want to be educated before they talk to your sales team. They want to do the initial research on their own time. Too many in the cleantech sector still use legacy marketing tactics that neglect these changes in buyer behavior.

To disrupt legacy thinking and help cleantech communicators achieve greater business success, leading cleantech communications firm Tigercomm is releasing a new playbook: No Time For Legacy — How Clean Energy Companies Can Engage Customer Prospects Faster in an Attention-Scarce World.

Tigercomm President Mike Casey partnered with Director of Marketing and Digital Sarah Lippincott to create this cleantech industry playbook. The new release, Volume II of their “Market Better” series, demonstrates how the purchasing needs of today’s information-overloaded consumers are changing, which elevates the importance of priming sales prospects for success ahead of a sales call.

“Most cleantech companies we talk to find it harder to get prospects to pay attention,” said Casey. “We wrote this book because those applying legacy marketing strategies will continue to face challenges unless they adapt to changes in buyers’ purchasing habits. Tigercomm wants to help lighten the load for cleantech marketers.”

The playbook recognizes the unique needs of cleantech companies adapting to modern purchasing behaviors. Among the recommendations for clean energy marketers:

  • Deploy marketing and communications strategies closely aligned to your business objectives;
  • Produce compelling, educational content that speaks to your audience’s needs and interests;
  • Leverage digital tools to optimize sales team efforts, like alerts when prospects engage your online content; and
  • Follow the “80/20 rule”– speak 80% about your customer, 20% about yourself.

Tigercomm takes the process of attracting leads and converting them into customers, breaks it into four phases, and provides content recommendations for each phase of the buyer’s journey.

Download Tigercomm’s playbook HERE.

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