TrizCom PR Wins Four Pegasus Awards from PRSA Dallas

by | Nov 7, 2017

Public Relations Society of America – Dallas Chapter honored TrizCom Public Relations with four top tier awards, including two Pegasus Awards for Communications Excellence—corporate communications and nonprofit communications and the top honor, Best in Show—at their 2017 Awards Luncheon held Oct. 27 at Gilley’s Dallas.

As a company, TrizCom Public Relations received three PRSA Pegasus Awards: the Pegasus Award for Communications Excellence on behalf of Solis Mammography’s legislative campaign for House Bill 1036, mandating all private insurance providers cover 3-D mammography for breast cancer screening; the Pegasus Award for Communications Excellence on behalf of Heroes for Children’s campaign to make a wedding dream come true for Sarena Saad as part of their Milestones program; and the Pegasus Award—Best in Show for the Heroes for Children campaign. TrizCom account executive Katie Mudd received the Dallas Chapter of PRSA Outstanding Service Award.

“I continue to watch our company grow and position our clients with groundbreaking and strategically bold public relations work,” said Jo Trizila, CEO and president of TrizCom PR. “Boutique public relations agency work sometimes gets overlooked because of their staff size. Receiving the Best of Show and two Pegasus Awards affirms that boutique public relations agencies, like TrizCom PR, can and do produce creative, insightful data and objective-driven communications work that influence audiences. I am extremely proud of the work we do and the savvy team at TrizCom PR. However, while the honor of recognition as one of the top public relations companies in Dallas is always nice, the highest accolade we seek is in our clients, and their stakeholders, collective success and the ability to contribute and influence their brand.”

“A communications firm’s success doesn’t just happen—it takes a great team who think differently, are crazy creative, innovative and empowered to bring action to bold strategic ideas,” Trizila continued. “Company culture is often touted as one of the most important factors for a business’ long-term success. Part of TrizCom PR’s culture is community service and corporate responsibility. When a team member like Katie is recognized for going above and beyond for an organization, everyone wins. TrizCom PR steadfastly believes that for whom much is given, much is expected in return.”

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